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Advise Needed on Using Rogaine !

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Hi Guys,


I had a question on using Rogaine, I have never used Rogaine ever in my life nor did I ever felt the need to use it until now when I did my Hair Transplant as part of the Post Operative Treatment and care I have been advised to use Rogaine 2% for 2 weeks and then 4% for there after.


I had some questions about using Rogaine, hope some of you can chip with some comments...


1. is the result with Rogaine just like the way it works with Finasteride, which is the moment you stop taking Finasteride all your results start diminishing is it the same way with Rogaine the moment one stops it the results vanish. At the Max I intend to use it for 6 months not for life long so If I am not gonna use it for life long should I not start it at all... or is it like a trap? once you start using it, you cant stop it !! BTW I don't have any active hair loss.


2. Does it have any side effects like Finasteride ?


3. Does it cause any adverse effect, if one starts using immediately after 2 weeks of doing a HT, will it cause any harm on my new transplanted hair follicles anyways in their growth or survival ?


Yeah the last point is very important for me, will it cause any harm in my newly transplanted hair follicles in their growth ?


Please advise guys !


Thanks in Advance

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