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Late detection and regret


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Just wondering if anybody has gone through this situation, noticing advanced hair loss too late, e.g. NW2+, and then regretting not acting earlier. I certainly regret it, didn't really start to notice anything major up until a year ago, then again I didn't know anything about hairlines, the Norwood scale etc. But even for the past year when I've noticed that I have gone very far, I couldn't afford a hair transplant up until relatively recently.


I really regret that unlike some of the smart blokes on forums like this who begin to notice things, even as low as NW2 and are not only preventing future loss, but only need to undergo minor transplants, as well as the possibility of been a NW1 in some cases. Even though a HT will do something descent for me, I will never be a NW1, or have a natural, thick appearance again in my life. Better late than never I guess, but still, I am regretting that I didn't detect things much, much earlier.

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