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What can I do to thicken my hairline? (pics)

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So I have been on Finasteride for over a year and while it has stopped my hair loss I havent really re grown much on the front of my head. I use Nizoral every 2 days but thats the extent of my hairloss regiment.


I am only thinning at the front and I am wondering if anyone knows what other methods I can use to thicken my hairline in the front?

I am too poor for a hair transplant, 6000$ is not even a consideration at this point.

I am also afraid that if I use rogaine and get a hair transplant I will have to keep using rogaine forever.


Are there any options for my hairloss type?





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You look to have a good thick head of hair from the pictures.

Unfortunately, finasteride is not known for much regrowth on the front part of the scalp (as far as im aware), but great that you've stabilised your loss.


I would start some Minoxidil then you are giving yourself all the chance you can.

Other than that, its time to get saving for a transplant, unfortunately.



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Well at least you are taking meds and that is great news. Not a lot you can do if you really want to thicken your hairline besides a HT. A concealer might be an option, but I suppose it depends on you view of using concealers. Personally, a hair piece and concealers are routes I won't go. I think a HT would be a good option for you but finances are a big part of going down that route.

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Have you considered a temporary concealer until your in a position for a HT? I was using Toppik spray applicator until I was ready for the HT. Think that could work looking at your hairline!


I do use Caboki and would recommend it to anyone. I have been losing hair for the last 3 years and no one has noticed at all!


But I'm looking for more of a permanent solution. I guess I,ll just have to start saving. :/

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