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Anyone else say or do weird things under Valium?


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(While having HT), or was it only me?


Come on ppl, fess up:D


I did not tell Dr. Konior, but at one point I dozed off and when I woke up I thought I had been left with a janitor?? (good grief, where do I come up with these things), and since I had gauze taped over my eyes I couldn't see. Anyway, I felt pressure on the side of my face and I wanted the "janitor" to stop whatever he was doing so I worked my arm out from under my blanket and put my hand up there, mumbling "wha're u doin'?", or something to that effect and Dr. Konior causually says he's still working on me and I might want to put my hand down. Whoops.


I seem to remember saying something silly too. I took a look at my long hair, which was partially shaved and tied straight up in some punk looking fashion and I asked if there was going to be video of that show up on Youtube...that's the thing about Valium, sigh, it sounded hilarious to me at the time....nurses did not think so.


So, does anyone else have any stories, or am I just a lightweight?



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I was pretty whacked out, too. I saw the doctor twice following my surgery. I would ask him questions and he'd look at me quizzically and say, 'You already asked me that.' I really don't remember much about the procedure and the next few days after that were kind of fuzzy as well. I must have looked pathetic going through airport security. That valium is some good sh*t.

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