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I have been without hair since the age of 18. I wore traditional hair pieces for 12 years before I discovered that there was light at the end of the tunnel when I discovered www.freestyledhair.com that changed my life! I have been a cosmetologist for 30 years which is a little strange, yes a bald hairstylist! But I always said grass doesn't grow on a busy street! But anyway's, there is nothing like having the security to know that when you get up in the morning and put on your hair and know it is going to stay on and be comfortable all day long. I have been working with Reginald Dooley for the last 18 years and as a women, a hair stylist, and a an alopecia sufferer there is nothing that compares to this hair system!

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I get the feeling that you're a "troll", promoting this company's very expensive products either because you work for them or are being paid to promote them. I have read their website and it is filled with half-truths and outright lies. Here are a few points:


1. A 100% ThinSkin base will NEVER be cooler than a lace base - NEVER! Some companies punch a few holes in the base and call them "breathable" but it makes no difference. A ThinSkin base covers the pores of the scalp and will not allow body heat, perspiration or scalp oil to escape.


2. A custom-made lace base will hug the scalp as well as a ThinSkin base.


3. This statement from their website is complete nonsense: "Each hair is infused into a liquid silicone that forms its own follicle around the hair root". A follicle is part of the scalp, not part of the hair - and the root

doesn't exist in a hair system. There are root "ENDS", but each hair would need to be pulled out of the head individually in order for the root to be intact. When the hair is cut from the donor's head, the root is not included.


4. Their prices are on the high side for a retail salon, but do NOT assume that they are offering anything that is not available from other high-end salons. In addition, the best of the on-line sellers offer the same products at much, much lower prices with no sacrifice in quality.


5. Would you really want to buy from a supplier who needs to stoop to lying about their products in order to make a sale?

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