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In a perfect world, fewer is better because transplants have a recovery period that sucks the wind out of your sails - sometimes known as 'The Doldrums' - or the 'Ugly Ducking'. At 12 months for complete recovery and hairstyle fully grown in, having six transplants over 15 years equates to a lot of downtime, not to mention the psychological roller-coaster you have to go on as your wits try to get you out of Dodge every time. This applies to both FUE and strip.


In the realistic world of compromise, smaller might be better. If you like shorter hair it is easier to do a series of FUE procedures.


FUE is the way to go, but strip will hang on for another decade for men, probably far longer for woman, possibly forever for woman. It suits woman's hair loss as well as the fact that woman don't want a buzz cut too often. (Political incorrectness noted)


Any doc or rep worth his salt will tell you that strip is better, unless that doc has decided to exclusively focus FUE, because strip is more economic and lower risk for all concerned. Additionally, many satisfied strip patients will tell you that strip is better.


All the old arguments against FUE have crumbled. But FUE is no gimme. Terrible results are showing up as new and cavalier approaches are being tested on unsuspecting suckers, by numerous new clinics rushing into the fray to take advantage of those lured by the new 'wonder' HTs.


Big punch sizes, aggressive harvesting, poor extraction protocol, transection etc.

Never think of morals. The FUE guys are everybit in it for the fast buck as much as the strip guys. Think of your scalp, as you go through hairloss, 5, 10, 15, 25 years from now and think of options, giving yourself options.


Avoid a strip scar at all costs


Take medication for 6 months to a year. Start getting quotes. Check punch size - check 'outside diameter punch size'. A slow and steady approach is not ideal, but not the worst thing you can do.

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