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newbie seeks help

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ok here goes!


im a 27 year old male and am seriously considering a ht within the near future.

the problem is I am overwhelmed with the amount of promise about surgeries, however I have been researching and feel the results I want are realistic and attainable.

the problem I have is who is the surgeon to approach, and should I even stick to uk clinics, or go abroad?

I have no problem paying whatever cost because I believe its worth the investment.

I am basically a norwood 2, and also receeded. I have come to terms with my higher hairline, but just want to straighten it out as it is very uneven on one side.

my hair is thick and curly so just grows into a ball, which makes the shaping of my hair all the more bizzare. so I wish to wear it grade 1/2 as a buzzcut.

the only thing with that is my hairline is noticeably non symmetrical. so im just looking to fill one temple, and introduce a small v at the front of my head, to give the impression my hairline is further forward.

I have no clue who to turn to, or what surgeons would come recommended. my requirements are very particular, but I believe through my research. are totally attainable and realistic.


any help/advice would be greatly appreciated




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Lorenzo in Manchester if uk based!! Fue and excellent!!! Expensive though!!!! Or Feriduni in Belgium, followed by mwamba and bisanga in Belgium!! Also excellent Turkish drs Recommended on here!! Research them all, see what type of results and pay particular attention to cases similar to your own!! Any of the ones I have named as very good and I don't think any would be a bad choice!!!

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