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Review for 2 clinics in Turkey


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Hello, I'm wondering if anybody could provide a review of the following two clinics in Turkey based on first or second hand experience?



(a) Memorial Hospital, Antalya


(link removed by moderator)



The surgeon who would be doing the transplant would be Dr. Birgul Sevim



(b) Estepera Hair Transplantation Center


(link removed by moderator)



The first one charges €3,100 for up to 4,000 grafts, while the second one can charge from €1,700-2000 for the same amount. I'm more inclined to put my faith into Memorial Hospital given the low prices listed for Estepera, and also the fact that I cannot find any descent website, peer review etc. for them. Is this a valid concern? Also, if anybody has had a transplant at Memorial Hospital, could you please provide a review?


Thank you

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