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4k graft FUT with Dr. Rahal on the 27th

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  • 2 weeks later...

Had it done and everything is going great so far.


Day of procedure:


Arrived at the clinic, filled out some papers and then went for some pre-op pictures. After the pictures, I met with dr. Rahal who then started doing his art and came up with the plan. He suggested we try for more grafts to accomplish the goal, we tried for 4500 but got about 4030. After that I went into the change room and put on the gown. Then I was escorted into the room where the procedure occurs. My head was shaved and preparation bandages were put on. Dr Rahal came in to do the strip extraction. It was painless. You can feel it coming out but you really don't feel any pain and nor do you care due about what's happening due to the Ativan.


After this, I'd say about 8 people start dissecting the grafts under microscopes in the same room. Dr Rahal start the incisions for the placement of the grafts. This lasts about an hour and a half. A note: The only time I was a tad uncomfortable and I'd rate it as 3/10 was when the freezing needles were used on the forehead, it's sorta like "owe, that kinda hurt, but not really" sort of pain.


The final part, and I literally fell asleep for the ENTIRE portion of this procedure was the graft placement which actually isn't done by Dr. Rahal but by his very capable nurses.


I came in about 7:30 and was out by 3pm.


That night I slept about 14 hours but did wake up a few times. It takes a bit to get used to, things were a bit sore but more of a throbby sore. I took a percocet and some melatonin and slept well until about 11am. I then had to show up for the first follow up. They show you how to wash and keep the areas clean etc.


By the second day, I had swelling but literally was near 100% in feeling good. No pain nothing. I had a good hat and even went out for dinner at restaurants etc. Life with a hat was literally 100% normal.


By the third day swelling subsided but you can see by this one picture below that on the 2nd day I looked a bit like an alien.




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Hi, looks really good.


Is it advisable to wear a hat after the surgery? Will the hat affects the grafts/scabs?

4066 FUE Grafts with Dr Bhatti, India 9&10 Jan 2014


For my pics and thread click the link:http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173658-4066-fue-grafts-dr-bhatti-india-restoring-more-than-just-hair.html

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