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Big 3 - Commitment/Availability ?


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Hi everyone!


New poster here, although I've been browsing a good long while now. To cut to the chase, I'm a 26-year-old guy from near Manchester (UK) who first noticed his hair was thinning in the vertex at 23. I have a definite thinning spot on the crown, which obviously isn't getting any better, and I've decided to stop browsing and start doing! I think my lack of action was partly down to denial, and partly hoping a miracle cure (*cough* hair doubling *cough*) would spring out of nowhere...


Anyway, I've decided that meds are kind of my only option right now if I want to actually do something about this. Now I've looked for info on the 'Big 3' - Propecia, Nizoral and Regaine - and I'd just like to clarify three things:


Firstly, how much of a commitment is it to go on these? For all the research I've done I'm still a bit confused - some seem to imply it's a lifelong commitment while others seem to imply that there's no problem hopping off them after a month or two if you're not feeling great, or the dreaded sides kick in...


Secondly, how exactly do you get hold of these? Only through being prescribed them by your doctor? Or is it the case that you can get fetch them at a dermatologist? Do all of them require a prescription?


Thirdly, is it necessary to go on all of them together? I have notable crown thinning but my hairline, while certainly more mature than it was, isn't a noticeable problem. Does that make a difference?


That's all for now. Sorry if these seem like obvious questions, but I'm so apprehensive about this whole hair loss thing, and it's really knowing where to start and having things clarified before I take that first step. I'm scatterbrained, and ideally I need my information definitive, direct and in one place. So please go easy on me, everyone! :)


Thanks, and I look forward to supporting/annoying you all throughout your (our) journey!



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1. You gotta take it everyday, it get expensive so I recommend using generic brands. Propecia is everyday, Rogaine (monoxidil) twice a day, Nizoral 2 times a week (don't use more than twice or risk increased shedding). When you first start taking propecia, there is a massive shedding period that lasts 4-6 months but it will stop and shedding. The first 4months of shedding are the hardest because its a reaction from your hair the to amount of DHT changce but stick with it! Rogaine, you have to take it lifelong or risk losing what hairs you have gained. Nizoral, you can stop at anytime if you wish. But in all, if you notice you hair isn't getting any worse after maybe 2-3 years of taking these products, you can slowly take yourself off of them but I would recommend speaking to a doctor about it.



Rogaine, you can get anywhere, any superstore like Walmart. Rogaine contains Monoxidil 5% solution that causes the hair growth, you can get it in a liquid or foam forum, doesn't matter but I like the liquid. There are plenty off generic brand like Rogaine that are cheaper and as affective, just make sure it says Monoxidil 5% in it. I usually buy all my stuff off amazon, saves the embarrassment of having to wait in a line to pay for it.


Propecia, you have to get a prescription from a doctor, a dermatologist is where I got mine but I recommend you get the generic brand as it is cheaper.


Nizoral, I'm not sure but I buy mine off amazon.


3. To go on all of them is the most effective way to make sure that the thinning does not worsen, the earlier you start taking these medications the better chance you will have of fighting future hairloss. Although you may not notice a lot now, there is a possibility in the future that it might get worse, everybodys case is different.


Lastly, find a good hair specialist near you, a dermatologist will due. Make sure you talk to him about the treatments you want to try and get a recommendation from him.


Hope this helps.

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Start with finasteride. You can add the other two over time.


I returned to the UK recently and while there I managed to get 4 months supply (5mg x 28 pills) courtesy of the NHS and at zero cost to me.


Well chuffed.



Finasteride (1.25mg): Daily.

Minoxidil (5%): Twice Daily.

Super Biotin (5000mcg) Vitamin Supplement; Daily

Silica Complex; Daily

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Just one more thing...


I've looked on Amazon for the Nizoral and Min (5%). The Nizoral looks straightforward - I just typed it in and up it came (the anti-dandruff shampoo, right?).


However, I'm a bit unsure about what Min to get. I typed in 'Minoxidil 5' on Amazon and got so many different options that I'm pretty confused as to what to get. Is there a particular brand that's preferable? Some are 'extra strength' - what's all that about? I assumed that if they're all 5% they'll do pretty much the same thing... but maybe not...


Any help would be massively helpful, as I'm hoping to order the Min and Niz later tonight. I finally have an appointment with my GP on Friday so hopefully I'll be trying out this big 3 thing before long...

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