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Had my First HT with Dr.Radha - 3400 Grafts

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Hello Everyone,

Though its been over two months after my first HT with Dr.Radha, I was unable to post my experience due to some hectic commitments. But now I would like to share my experience of my First HT with Dr. Radha on Aug 21st 2013.

I would like to immensely thank this forum and all your expereinces that led to confidently take the option of HT. Its really a wonderful job and the I thank the people hosting this. Thank You All !


Before talking about the experience a brief about me,

I am....,


Male, 34 Years of age

Losing hair for more than 10 years now

Been considering HT as an option for over a year.

Have posted some pictures of my pre-HT here


My HT Overview :

HT with Radha on 21st Aug 2013

# of Grafts 3400


My HT Experience :

Initially when I was thinking about HT as an option, I was looking at Dr.Madhu. But later after reading many positives about Dr.Radha, I started inclining more towards Dr.Radha but never took any concrete decision on the HT plan.


One fine day decided to post few information in their website. There was no reply for a week. And then one day had a reply from Dr.Radha asking for more information. And from then on had 4 to 5 emails communicated between us. I got more confidence seeing the time she took to reply personally.


Once I called her to check and confirm the dates she had provided. She did confirm the date on 21 Aug and requested to pay 10,000 INR but was not insisting too much on the payment. I did deposit the amount and informed her.


I had 1 month time to plan for other aspects like tickets and lodging. I found some good deals for my flight and boarding and did confirm the same.


When it was a week before the surgery date I called her up and confirmed if everything is good to go.


Then on 20th morning went to Vizag and it was pretty easy to locate the hotel. I called her up in the morning about my arrival and she gave an appointment in the evening. I went to her clinic in the evening and the rest was all very good experience.


The things I liked during the consultation discussion:


The support staff were friendly and helpful

Dr. Radha was amazing in terms of the care she took to explain me the whole procedure.

Particularly I liked the way she set the expectations. I was having high expectation and after the discussion she lowered my expectation and asked me to be more realistic. This in a way was good for me.

The other important aspect was that she never talked about the money while we discussed the previous evening. It was me who initiated it. That showed that she was not money minded at all.


She was particularly focused on the surgery to come up well.


She asked me how much Im considering in terms of the number of grafts. I said around 2500 and wanted to do another procedure later if all went well. She agreed to this and we were done with the discussions.


Then after 1 hour of spending time in the clinic I returned to hotel with great peace of mind in choosing the right surgeon.



The next day Morning - Surgery Day


Went to the clinic before 8 in the morning. The support staff reached shortly and then the process started. They were all calm and cool all the way and that made me less nervous and I started to be as normal as usual. First there was a blood test taken and a few tablets to swallow which I did and then I was asked to wear the dress offered.


Shortly Dr.Radha came in and we started to discuss about the expectations. Earlier the previous evening I had asked her to get it to 2500 grafts count and we set the same. She also told me that 100 odd grafts may be more or less on top of the 2500 and not to worry on that.


Then the lines were marked and I wanted her to focus on the frontal portion and make it dense and not to touch the mid scalp. So everything was set and the process started.


She explained me that the first part was to extract the strip. And then she informed me that I was going to be administered some anesthesia and can expect some mild pain. One by one few shots were given and and before each shot she told me 'the next one'. I didnt feel any pain but again she said it all depends on how the patient feels about it and I tolerated it very well.


Once this was done the strip extraction was done and overall it took 45 minutes if I remember correctly. I was lying on my chest all along. Then they offered me time for a break and by then I came back from the rest room the extraction was going on and one of the staff explained me how its done.


Back again lying on my chest the next process of making slots for the insertions were made. This took almost an hour and again once this was done I was eager to know the count they had extracted. I asked whats the number?


Now the most happy moment came and she replied you will be very happy with the numbers.., its 3400 .., I was suddenly thrilled to hear that and was very happy because she was not too confident about the density of my donor when the assessment was made and had asked me not to have very high expectations. So I was thinking myself that 2500 would itself be a very good number.


So with lots of happiness I went through the rest of the procedure which all came to an end by around 4 in the evening. Meanwhile I enjoyed a nice meal they offered. In the evening Dr.Radha spoke to me about the post operative instructions and other aspects. I was asked to come the next morning.


I went to the hotel and was feeling not so bad but again some kind of uneasiness which definitely will be after a surgery. I was not too comfortable sleeping with some mild pain and only slept in the midnight.


The next morning again went to Dr. Radha for the head wash and everything was normal and the staff who washed said I didnt bleed much as usual and showed me the strap and I found few blood strains. Once everything was over I was very happy to say good bye to all the staff and thanked Dr.Radha for the care she took and ofcourse the suture removal instructions was explained to me. I went back to the hotel with lots of peace and happiness and choosing the right surgeon.


Now what was all going good suddenly would have been spoiled by one incident. When I came back to my hotel and had lunch I started to lye down the bed after taking the medications with the TV on. Since my flight was at 7:15 evening I was very leisure since it was only 2 in the noon. I suddenly woke from the bed to see the time was 6:00 sharp and panicked that I would lose my flight. Within the next 5 mts packed everything hurriedly and checked out the room and asked the hotel guys what the best chance of reaching the airport and their answer let me down because they said its only 50 mts for me to reach the airport. But anyway I wanted to give a try and luckily an auto guy who took me to the hospital came and promised that he will help.


It was a very tense 40 mts and to my relief he reached by 6:50 and I gave him some additional bucks and ran as fast as I could. And at the end i made it and returned home. So there was some twist to my tale which I managed somehow.


THe reason wanted to share this is because I slept without knowing anything and would have definitely missed the flight. maybe its also because of the reason I dint sleep well the previous night so be a little careful when you plan.


But otherwise as I said it was all wonderful experience I had and now...,










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Welcome and congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Radha! The work looks great and I'm looking forward to following your progress. Please keep us posted. .

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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I am searching for a hair transplant surgeon in india.Dr. Radha seems good. Can you please email me her id and contact no.? Also let me know how much did it cost you? I am looking for a first session of 4000 grafts for my stage VI.

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I had a HT session with dr. Radha just 10 days after you ( 2nd sept ) ....and on top of that the pattern of baldness also looks similar . It will be nice to stay in touch and see how both of us progress ..


PM me your email address


You can see my discussion thread here


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Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress. It's still very early stages and hard to comment too much but things certainly look as they should at this point. Please keep us posted. Good luck!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Hello, its been just over 3.5 months post surgery and managed to click some pics today. I think there is slight improvement when compared to the 3 months stage. Hopefully it starts to go in that way the rest of the cycle.


Please share your thoughts!





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I ve been using the 1 mg Generic Finasteride since Post HT. after 3 months started to see the side effects pop-up. Then tried to switch to the 0.5 mg and the side effects subsided mostly. I am not not sure if this has affected anything in the growth aspect. Anyone would like to share of 0.5 mg is worth taking.

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