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31 YO and wanting to get HT

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Hi, i am 31 years old and have been experiencing hair thinning since 5-8 years ago. I do think that my hair loss problem is due to genetic factor but my father and all of my uncles did not experience hair loss until their late 40s.

I have been seriously considering HT and therefore needs some advise


1. the thing that stop me from having a go for this procedure is for the fact that it still requires me to use Fin and minox post operation which concerns me a lot for its side effect (ED and all). So my question is, does anyone experience this side effect or is it a permanent thing?


2. Is it at all possible to do the HT without having my existing hair shaved? simply because i don't want to look balder than i already am.


3. I am a full time worker and can only have 1 week off after the procedures. Naturally, i don't want anyone to notice my operation. So is it save to use toppix or caboki to conceal the post-op condition?



I appreciate all responds and feel free to throw any question & suggestion.








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