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after hair transpant....any sugestions what i might need?

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my date is approaching and was just wondering about products that might be usful for recouperation...ex good lotions for scar...supplements that may help hair growth along......pros/cons of using rogaine directly after......or generally anything u guys think i may be missing or would be helpful....would appreciate any help.....

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You don't technically need anything but time and keeping the area clean while healing. However, I personally like to use Aloe Vera for the recipient area after a week of healing and on the donor almost immediately. It helps cool and soothe the area and expedite healing. I also like to use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner around the donor area especially while the staples/sutures are still in. The menthol, cooling feeling really helps alleviate scalp itch in my opinion.


Some physicians believe using Rogaine the first couple of months after your hair transplant may jump start early transplanted hair growth. This however, has not been backed up by any clinical studies.


I hope this helps.



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