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Dr. Jean Devroye

Analyze of a FUE surgery 4005 grafts FUE in two days 9037 follicles

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This patient of 44 years old, wanted to have two FUE surgeries.


The goal was to cover the first half part of the scalp for the first two days. We will proceed to another surgery soon to complete the work on the vertex.


The donor area is still very dense. It will be probably possible to extract the same amount of hair during the second surgery.


The size of the punch was 0.8 and 0.9 mm. The scars (white dots) are very small.


Details:1860 Grafts the first day, 2145 grafts the second day.

521 FUE1, 1481 FU2, 1475 FU3, 281 FU4.







Dr. Jean Devroye

HTS Clinic - Bruxelles

Email: info@drdevroye.com

Telephone: +32 2 880 70 60

Website: http://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/home

Online consultation: https://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/Online-consultation

Devroye Instruments: http://www.devroyeinstruments.com

Dr. Devroye is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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