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It's been a long time...any hair loss advances?


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Hey all it's been a long time since I've posted on this site. My former user name was youngguy24 (I think at least) and while I'm still young at 28 my hair loss is still with me. I'm a Norwood 5 and have been shaving my head consistently for nearly three years. I feel that a shaved head is a decent look for me and I pull it off fairly well. I have an attractive girlfriend and rarely feel concerned about my hair loss. Although I still long for a decent head of hair like most on this site. My question is what type of advances have occurred in the last two years or so? I don't plan to engage in surgery until there is a viable option that will allow for no major scarring and provide a great deal of grafts. Although I would settle for scaring if I knew there would be adequate grafts to fulfill my lifelong hair needs. Any information is greatly appreciated!

I don't mind waiting another 10 years or so to have surgery. FYI at this point I don't use Propecia or rogaine and my hair loss has seem to stabilized.

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There hasn't been any real advances in non-surgical hair loss solutions lately. Sure, some products are undergoing trials, including hair multiplication. But as to when anything promising will be released, I couldn't tell you.


Depending on how long ago you were here, you may notice threads about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) being used by some physicians to test it's effectiveness in treating baldness. While some have reported some improvement, others have not.


See Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Effective in Treating Hair Loss? for more information.


However, since hair loss doesn't seem to effect you all that much, and you clearly haven't had any problems finding the right girl and living out a normal and productive life, perhaps shaving it off was the best thing you could do for yourself. It's virtually free and requires minimal maintenance :-)


Best wishes,



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Histrogen seem to be making all the right noises; they have released statements stating that there is a good chance on the treatment/procedure being available to the public by 2013. There is a thread running on the subject -here-

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