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hair transplant in pakistan


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hey .. i am considering HT by Dr. humayun in pakistan. I have seen some pics and since he mostly does FUT. the scars seem a bit scary. If you do FUE do these leave less scars? and since he seems not too happy about FUE`s if i want to get those done is he just as experienced in that field? i am not really bald..but have thinning hair and am young. so was thinking about giving it a shot. any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated

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ooooo.. m also wondering ..once you are getting the surgery do you have to shave your head for the recipient area..or like cut it short.. is it possible to do the surgery without trimming down that area? since it will be way easier to go back to school etc and less noticeable

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How old are you? Are you on any hair loss medication? Do you have any pictures you can post for us?


FUE leaves a different type of scarring than FUT. Whereas FUT leaves linear scarring, FUE will leave small white dots where the follicle has been removed.


Many doctors don't shave the recipient area for hair transplant surgery. In fact, I don't think Dr. Mohmand does.


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