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Any Good Doctors in the New England area?


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I've noticed there are no recomended Drs in the New England area. I've heard of Distefano and Robert Leonard, but from what I hear these guys aren't that good. (Can anybody recommend these guys?) Are there any other Drs you can recommend in New England or close by? Also, is it essential to get your scalp mapped for miniaturization - do all Drs do this?


One other thing, I noticed the topic of density is a big issue. I've read that some Drs like to start at about 20-25 FU/cm2 and with more sessions can get to about 40-50FU/cm2. In a Class 4/4A, how many sessions would this be typically? I'd like a Dr that is a bit more agressive to avoid too many sessions.

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I just did close to 50. That is only half of what you had during adolescence and probably early adulthood as well. Still is plenty to cover to look mostly dense with the majority of haircuts. I just got 3875 done FUT. Go bigger if you can afford it or get financed. My learning is that it would take 8000-11000 grafts (not hairs) to give a NW7 good but not full density. That is even if you have that donor available.


BTW, I was a 3vertex debatably at a 4 and definitely progressing to a 6 soon according to the doc.

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hair_care, Could you please post your pictures after 2 months. Seems like you like giving lots of advice on this forum, but fail to reveal your own results openly. We would really like to see if your happiness is justified !


P.S If you are shy about your face being uncovered, you can always mask that out.

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