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Velform Hair Grow Plus???


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Hi everyone!

I just signed up with this forum after I managed to get some basic information (since I did not manage to read it allicon_smile.gif) abt the entire hair transplant procedures and costs so on!!!


However, I have seen this product called Velform Hair Grow Plus being advertised and claiming to have been successful with 90% of people who have used it so I am just wondering if there is anyone here that has had any experiences with this product and can share any information with me about it!


Thank you so much all in advance!


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I did a quick web search on it, saw their video and a few other reviews. It looks like another scam, it does nothing. This forum site has very knowledgeable members who are on the leading edge of all treatments, surgeries, etc... The only things that work are: Finasteride (Propecia), Dutasteride (Avodart), several shampoos, Rogaine for the crown area, a good transplant, in office laser works for me although the opinions are split on this one. Personally I did several transplants, I take 1/4 generic Proscar daily, in office laser once weekly, Revita shampoo about every other day. I stick with the proven methods and products, the rest is a waste of money and time.

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