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  1. Looks good UK43, also the hair cut and style are great .
  2. Dear all, I have a question for anyone that might help. I've done a HT little bit more than 7 months ago and my results are generally good. However, I can feel (in the back) and also see (in the front) hairs that never shadded but aren't growing yet neither. They are just the same as they on the very day they were transplanted. I wonder what could be possibly going on with them? Do you think I can expect more growth from those "static" hairs? Thank so much in advance.
  3. Seriously roimirka, move on, stop helping or whatever you think you are doing. You are all over the place with the same crap. If you're lobbying for someone else against Maral you are not doing it well since you are too agressive and obvious in doing that. If you are just trying to help you are not doing any favor at all because you are becoming too strenuous to lots of people.
  4. Hi there BaldCoot, Thank you very much for opening this thread and sharing your experience. I think that in comparison to your starting position on the number of grafts your result looks satisfying. I was also thinking of using a second HT to cover better my crown area if the final result is not going to be good but since I don't want to damage my donor area and have lots of body hair I hope to read more on your thread on your findings regards surgents who do BHT. Here is my case btw for you information https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171785-fue-dr-maral-istanbul
  5. Hi UK43, I still think you had a good result and definitely a big improvement in comparison to before, I also still think based on your photos that a bit longer hair look a way better . Can you remind me how many grafts did they use for your crown? Cheers.
  6. Thank you for the answers guys. Scar5, I will buzz cut then the donor area and use scissors for the recipient area, which is fine since I wanted to let that part grow longer anyway. Thanks a lot once again .
  7. Hi guys, I have a question is someone can help me with, I know that after the HT we aren't supposed to buzz cut our hair for a year but I never understood why is that exactly? I am thinking of having a buzz cut with electric device as I am already at month 5, what's your opinion on that? Thank you in advance. Cheers.
  8. Hi UK43, Thanks for the note. It's almost four months for me and some hair already grew and some new one is growing, I wanted to wait for a while and update photos where a real change can be seen . Btw, I've seen your 11 month update, looks good in my opinion and I've realized you've cut it off a bit and I think it looks better when it's a bit longer . Cheers mate.
  9. It really came out nice UK...congratulations and thanks for keeping us updated .
  10. Hi UK, Thanks for this regular update man. In my opinion it looks that you've made a greatest possible progress. Definitely longer hair and without gel looks denser. I will post some photos tomorrow of my progress .
  11. Looks great in this photo mate . I think it helped a lot that you've let it grow longer. Looking forward to seeing your other photos. Enjoy your holiday.
  12. Hi UK43, thank you for the update mate. You are the hairy man now . I hope the density will increase even more in the coming months since they say the real result show at around 1 year post op, right? Btw, do you see improvements in that in comparison to 1 or 2 months ago? Since we've lost your photos it is hard for me to recall the images from those times. Hope you don't mind if I give you an advice not to use hair gel and maybe think of letting it grow a bit longer too .
  13. Hi UK 43. Hope this finds you well. If you find some time would you please post some photos of the current growth, curious to see your progress . I've put some in my own thread at the one month and 10 days after HT stage . Cheers.
  14. Yuhuuuu happy birthday to you mate . You now what, you don't look like 44 years old at all...or even better, you look great for a 44 years old man, and that hair looks just awsome .
  15. Btw, I was wondering how come Maral didn't suggest spraying the grafts after the surgery, although I understood this to be a general practise, and told me to wash the head only four days after the procedure and most do it already on the first of second day, do you have any clues?
  16. Hey abc...Maral suggested yesterday and today to me that after a week we can go swimming and after 10 days or 2 weeks we can "work in the mines" as he said it. I asked him this explicitly since I am planning to go on holiday in about 10 days and ride the bike in the mountains, he said this was perfectly fine. Did you speak to about him about this, what did have to stay about lifting stuff and doing other physical works? Maybe you should wait for few more days with that after all, give it some 10 days or so!
  17. Great UK43, There is definitely a clear visible progress since month 7. You already have a full coverage and in the months to come it will look much thicker and will be just great. Man, if I am as lucky as you I will be really happy with my HT .
  18. Thanks for the advice 7even. I have no idea in which hotel will I be staying as I didn't ask since I wasn't too concerned with that. When did you have HT 7even? Hope you will have lots of great news and photos to share soon . Since you are a sportsman when do you recommend I shall go back to running and bike riding or something similar, not too "demanding"? Cheers .
  19. Hi UK43, Thank you so much for updating us on your progress and sharing your photos. Still looks good to me, although there is no much visible change, at least from those photos, from the last time when you uploaded photo, there overall result is fine. Have you been in contact with other people who had HT with Maral's clinic? I am curious what are their results? Btw, I am travelling tomorrow evening to Istanbul, on Friday I will have my HT...please keep fingers crossed for me too .
  20. Perfect, it seems you've managed to take good care of your head during those first nights! I, and probably many others, would highly appreciate if you could put some photos on after the first washing. Thanks again abc .
  21. Great...I am glad you survived your first night . Did they show you how to put together the towel and make the cylinder and all that? How do you feel now? Is your head still bloody or is it recovering already? Cheers.
  22. Hurrrayyyy...congratulations, the first and worst part is over for you . I am really glad everything went fine and that you managed to have that many grafts extracted...that is a really huge number. It is common for the first injections to hurt as hell sometime but there is nothing we can do about it, c'est la vie. I would really appreciate to know how your first hours and days are going?! Especially how will you manage to sleep and so on, I believe those are the most crucial moments now. Cheers .
  23. Perfect, I am glad everything went fine so far. Hope you will have an easy day today and have a great procedure. Looking forward for your impressions from the clinic when you're back from there. Talk later and thank you so much .
  24. Hi abcd... I have now definitely booked for 9th of August. I wish you best of luck with your treatment and hope we will immediately hear impressions and find out how it went . Good luck again.
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