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pain and discomfort after surgery

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I believe you'll find that everyone's experience varies considerably. I would offer that there should be no crippling post op pain associated with a strip. A single vicodin is often sufficient to allow most to get a good night's sleep.


by the second or third day I found pain killers totally unnecessary.


Discomfort - now that is a different story. From what I have read some people can experience discomfort for several years following an HT with a less than stellar surgeon. At the same time I don't see many people claiming they are totally without any discomfort for at least 1 to 3 months. I am nearly 60 days post op and I sometimes feel discomfort from my donor.


loss of sensitivity or feeling in the recipient area is another common complaint. for many it is temporary. For others however it can seem like a permanent state due to irreversible nerve damage during surgery.


hope this helps and I am sure others more experienced can provide much more guidance on this topic.

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miked is right on the money. it's more of discomfort than pain. the most actual pain i found was in removing the staples. sutures on the other hand were pain free.

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