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Dr. Vladimir Panine / Stuart are the best!!!!

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I started loosing my hair 3-4 years ago. I have tried so many hair products to re-grow my hair but to no avail. Fortunately one of my friend decided to have a hair transplant from Dr. Panine and had a very good result with it, so I was encouraged to schedule a consultation. Called Dr. Panine's office, I spoke to Stuart and just from the initial conversation he will put you right at ease. Stuart was accomodating and was never pushy. He answered all my questions over the phone, so I scheduled a consultation with him and Dr. Panine. Upon consultation Stuart advised me on what needed to be done and what to realistically expect from the surgery. My concerns was my temple and crown area so Stuart had Dr. Panine check my donor site to check if there would be enough donor hair to cover the area, and Dr. Panine said there was enough. So I had the surgery 1/21/13. Dr. Panine had the lightest hand ever. The procedure itself was like being in a spa, I was so relaxed. Never did I experience any pain during the cutting and grafting. The worst part was going home because of the cold weather,lol!!! All in all experience was good, nothing horrible to right! Any body considering hair transplant, PLEASE Check Dr. PANINE and STUART!! You wont regret it! In my opinion they are the best in the business, if I need it again they are the only one I am going to.

Thanks a million Dr. Panine and Stuart! You guys rock! Photos to follow.

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