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Hello All,

Firstly, i would like to thank all members on this forum for sharing so much information and helping fellow members with valuable insights on hair restoration. kudos to you guys. So, this is my first post and i would like to get the much needed suggestions on my HT. I am 25 years old and i have been experiencing mild hair loss over the last couple of years. I have a huge forehead now as a consequence and its bothering me a lot these days. Its got to do with the frontal hair receding i suppose. I loose about 20 hairs everytime i have a head bath (I use hair one conditioner + shampoo). Currently i do not use any prescribed drugs or medicines. I use to have very long hair just 4 years back and now somehow the growth is stunted on the top and the density is very less.


I plan to visit india in the next couple of weeks and i have scheduled an appointment with Dr.Ramachandran from Apollo hospitals chennai. I went through this website and the results did seem fine and i was most certain to go ahead with the surgery in the same period. But after reading about the complications surrounding HT (choosing the right doctor, post-operative care and finances), i think its best to gather enough feedback about the whole procedure as such and then make a decision. Because i will be in chennai only for 3 weeks, i also need to know if i can do a surgery in that period and get done with post-operative complications within that time frame. Any help offered on this front would be much appreciated.


So my principal question would be "Should i go ahead with a surgery that would do a whole good to my self-confidence or just wait and try prescribed drugs for atleast a year and then make a call ??" . Thanks in advance.

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Personally, I would "hit the brakes" for a minute and reevaluate.


At this point in time, I recommend copious amounts of research, investigating preventive medications (make sure you speak with a physician before starting anything), and scheduling several consultations before even thinking about booking a procedure.


What's more, if you're looking at hair restoration in India, I would consider Dr. Radha or Dr. Madhu.


However, I still believe the best "move" right now is additional research and preventive medications.


Good luck!

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