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Dr. Carman or Dr. Reed from CALIFORNIA

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Anybody have a HT with Dr. Timohty Carman and/or Dr. Reed from California?


I am 3A in shedding- and am wanting to know how satisfied some of the vets are with their work?


It seems that their approach is only to do an average of 2200 graphs- compared to Dr. Wong who does average of 4500 graphs?

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It seems like Dr. Carman uses the "sagital" incision compared to the lateral slit incision created by Dr. Wong- not sure which method is better?


And if people are pleased with Dr. Reeds and/or Dr. Carmans work years later?

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If you're a 3a i can tell you now you likely need more than 2200, 4500 would even be advisable if you have fine hair, typically ht rule of thumb for frontal restoration is 3000 sometimes as little as 2500 but fine hair can easily requite almost double the rule of thumb expectation.

Hair loss patient and transplant veteran. Once a Norwood 3A.

Received 2,700 grafts with coalition doctor on 8/13/2010

Received 2,380 grafts with Dr. Steven Gabel on 9/30/2011

Received 1,820 grafts with Dr. Steven Gabel on 7/28/2016

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