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9 Month Post Op HT results by Dr. Scott Alexander

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After debating and researching for many years, I finally decided get a HT in June of 2008. Initially I went to 2 consultations at Bosley, but after doing further research I decided to get another consultation by local Phoenix doctor. I found Dr. Scott Alexander and was very happy I did. I am extremely pleased with my results and my experience with the Biltmore Surgical Hair Restoration. The staff was very friendly and the procedure, although a full day, was made as pleasant as possible.


Attached are some before and after pictures. I highly recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone considering a HT!


914102561_AA2925AD22583E7A0EACA71676A5AE7E.jpg.thumb 814102561_0C2FE6034B9D71A746E16B4547D30B50.jpg.thumb 714102561_0F1D968D26DD085D7BF4A2B34EA64D77.jpg.thumb 614102561_71B4146E684D75ED0C712A6F4F2504B2.jpg.thumb 514102561_5005A64AB32ED08B10E436DA84C23796.jpg.thumb 324102561_04634A9237BA3A97BC948CDBD6C32C87.jpg.thumb 224102561_B99543E24F4545F38ADE6879E01DC5C4.jpg.thumb 124102561_273EAA7443FE6E0D6F92A9567B2ABDA0.jpg.thumb



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