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9 Month Post Op HT results by Dr. Scott Alexander


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After debating and researching for many years, I finally decided get a HT in June of 2008. Initially I went to 2 consultations at Bosley, but after doing further research I decided to get another consultation by local Phoenix doctor. I found Dr. Scott Alexander and was very happy I did. I am extremely pleased with my results and my experience with the Biltmore Surgical Hair Restoration. The staff was very friendly and the procedure, although a full day, was made as pleasant as possible.


Attached are some before and after pictures. I highly recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone considering a HT!


914102561_AA2925AD22583E7A0EACA71676A5AE7E.jpg.thumb 814102561_0C2FE6034B9D71A746E16B4547D30B50.jpg.thumb 714102561_0F1D968D26DD085D7BF4A2B34EA64D77.jpg.thumb 614102561_71B4146E684D75ED0C712A6F4F2504B2.jpg.thumb 514102561_5005A64AB32ED08B10E436DA84C23796.jpg.thumb 324102561_04634A9237BA3A97BC948CDBD6C32C87.jpg.thumb 224102561_B99543E24F4545F38ADE6879E01DC5C4.jpg.thumb 124102561_273EAA7443FE6E0D6F92A9567B2ABDA0.jpg.thumb



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Nice result! Wish I could fast forward to month 4/5, sad really, being young and wishing period of my life away.


Good result Dr A, your reputation must be improving every year



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Dr Feller Jan '09 2000 grafts


Dr Lorenzo Dec '15 2222 grafts

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Results look very good. Congrats! icon_smile.gif


I'm a bit confused by 1 thing though. Did you get grafts in the front and back or just the front? The back of your head looks much fuller to me.

4374 grafts-7/2/2008-Dr Rahal

485 singles

2336 doubles

1526 triples

16 quads

9809 total hairs

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Great result!

I agree with Wantego. The top of your head had no incision yet it looks much more dense now. Propecia maybe?


I am not a doctor. The opinions and comments are of my own.


HT with Dr. Cooley on Nov 20, 2008

2097 grafts, 3957 hairs

Proscar, 1.25 mg daily, skip the 5th day, started Nov 2007


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Hello All,


Since this patient has not responded back yet, I thought I would.

This patient had 2814 Grafts in the frontal vertex. Yes, this patient is currently taking Propecia and has had great success.


Thank you for all the kind words!!!


Take Care,

Dr. Scott Alexander

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