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Dr. Ron Shapiro FUE Experience

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I just completed a 1090 FUE procedure at SMG. After prior poor HT results with donor area scarring I was very nervous to try again. I spent over 2 years researching and visiting clinics for consults. Thanks to forums like this I was fortunate enough to have choosen SMG. All I can say is SMG is a First Class organization. They made me feel very comfortable and the procedure was flawless. Tom Ortiz, the lead FUE Tech is a very experienced and talented individual. Dr. Ron, Tom and his assistants spent 3 days placing the 1090 FUE grafts in my front hairline, crown, and donor scar. This was a real team effort. I cannot wait for the final results. I only wish I would have gone to SMG to begin with instead of going to a local clinic that messed me up. Do your research and do not let distance get in the way.

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