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anyone know about this new FDA approved lasercomb?.........

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apparently it is now FDA approved. does anyone know anything about it or tried it? i believe it's like $600 so pretty expensive. wanted to know something about before purchase.


also, i have gotten off propecia after 7 years and tried avodart. it's cheaper b/c of insurance and i've heard it's a stronger DHT blocker. any suggetions? this the right thing to do? felt like propecia was losing effectiveness.


what about tricomin spray? does this stuff work?


i've tried shampoo's like revivogen, tricomin, and nizoral 1%. are these 3 worth it used in rotation? i know nizoral is well thought of, but what about the others? any difference between nizoral 1% and 2%?


i appreciate your feedback.

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Hi Willie


I question the Laser combs & used it without results. Personally, I feel it's a bunch of garbage..


As far as Avodart it has been said to be a stronger DHT inhibitor as it blocks 2 different chemicals. Regarding the shampoo's I would only used the nizoral, as the others don't do anything but absorb money


The others will chime in



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