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Steve Scott at 4 1/2 Months

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Here are some pics 2 weeks after I had 2000 FU by Dr. Sword in Southern California. So far I am happy. The procedure itself was almost completely painfree and certainly professional.


Well it's been 9 months, and I couldn't be happier. I will likely have the next procedure done in Thailand. I had a consultation with an HT Doc in Bangkok, and I was very impressed. The cost is about 25% of what it is here in the US.


9651099131_D8F23EC7C1D65C59D99F6F6C1F0F7E19.jpg.thumb 8651099131_003FAA3B211D3793819498417222FE96.jpg.thumb 8321074561_FE3624FE3125DB85C8F2C610662DBC2B.jpg.thumb 7651099131_C14E72AC39D2E01762FC07805B82A5F3.jpg.thumb 6651099131_348A4E9B5FAEE0DA360286D550B96616.jpg.thumb 5651099131_A958C1C5609BAD1DC2325F295FDE6B6C.jpg.thumb 5221074561_09B1B48A735E469D8C9A18840DE41910.jpg.thumb 4651099131_C692E990EC4385C454D3805C2C579C9B.jpg.thumb 4421074561_417EFA9A61AF5138D51CCD660F9A5D60.jpg.thumb 3751099131_8BF5F013ED564E2037B9C3734F09AB4C.jpg.thumb 2751099131_692536AC6D0E15CA64A7DC3FB363A423.jpg.thumb 1751099131_F7ABDF027732351C8B33A37EA1679A14.jpg.thumb 1321074561_477E8378EFAB47E912AD19B5FACC4109.jpg.thumb



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Consider yourself very lucky my friend Dr Sword has a terrible reputation and Ive read countless stories about him destroying peoples heads .

The results look surprisingly good in the front . How is the scarline? .

The prices are cheaper in Thailand but remember to add in the cost of the whole trip also.

Stay here in US my friend if possible, Get a cancellation date for a price reduction and most places pay for some or all travel and even give discounts for out of town patients .

Most doctors also offer less per graft the larger the procedure.

Stay here with this site everyone is pretty much honest and caring and wont lead you in the wrong direction

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