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Saw Palmetto to regrow hair?


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There is no proof that Saw Palmetto works for hair loss, like there is for Finasteride.


This is because the testing process is expensive, and since nobody "owns" SawPalmetto, there is obviously no motivation for anybody to test it.


However, if you read and search around, you will find very few guys who say that Saw Palmetto actually produced results with their hair, even though on paper it is supposed to do something similar to Finasteride. Most reports I've seen were disappointed, with a couple of guys saying it works. The "anecdotal evidence" is very weak. Spencer Kobren wrote about Saw Palmetto and recommended it and other herbal treatments in the first edition of his book The Bald Truth. But lately, on the radio he has been saying that Saw Palmetto is basically not worth the effort, and he doesn't recommend using it any more.


Saw Palmetto also can cause all of the same side effects as Finasteride. People think that "herbal" and "natural" will mean "no side effects" and it isn't true. If you are unlucky to get side effects with Finasteride, there is no reason to think you won't have the same problem with Saw Palmetto... you may or may not get side effects. No guarantees either way.


If you are planning on using Finasteride and Saw Palmetto at the same time, you are wasting money... There is no extra advantage to adding Saw Palmetto if you are already on Finasteride.


Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones with Saw Palmetto, but I would suggest the Finasteride instead, if I were you. That's my opinion anyway. Good luck whatever you decide.

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