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Rogaine re-growth question


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Hello all -


I have a question about Rogaine re-growth. This question may apply to rogaine users and/or those who have used rogaine after having a HT procedure.


Basic conception is that if your hair follicle is not dead, rogaine will help grow hair out of that follicle. As lot of you know I have had 8000 grafts so far all over the front/top & crown. I am just okay satisfied with the density and I am afraid of future hair loss as I am only 27 and I have norwood 7 history in my family (I have been on propecia for 7 years). I am affraid that I may continue to lose hair (specially sides) as I grow older. Therefore, I am thinking about start using rogaine again. I have used it in the past with a great success, but I stopped using it because of its inconvinience.. It's been 4 yrs since then, and I guess I might have to start using it regardless if I dont want to lose more hair any further (I am worried about scar being visible)..


Since I already had 8000 grafts all over the top, I am wondering if Rogaine will actually help me promote new growth? What are your thoghts??





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