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  1. And you are so fair as to state anything positive and give a true evaluation of all posts.
  2. go ahead and jump on the bandwagon... We resolved things here and you stirred it up again and for what? There is valuable information that only a few have asked about. Even BSpot sees this although in the beginning it wasn't so. WHy would you provide your opinion now after we resolved issues. Do you also feel like you have to hack me? Interesting.
  3. I think I hit a record on a competatorsa site. In 24 hours I managed to be reinstated and re-banned. My stats are high too: 39 posts and 1131 views. I know what your going to say... Is that something to be proud of? No nbut at least here you guys let me voice my opinions and we resolved our issues. B Spot did you get to read the post before Mr. Mann trampled it? I know you like information and it was a good post.
  4. B Spot and Bill, And I quote, "Hi Thomas: I hope you guys made it back OK. Thanks for the picture. It sounds like you're back to work already. When you get here I'll get you access to photos. I also want you to know that if anyone of the people that you regularly post with wants to ask me a question all they have to do is E-mail me (jharris@hsccolorado.com) . I would be more than happy to answer any questions that they have..." Whaq do you need from me?
  5. B-spot, I completely agree with you. Yes, a colleague of mine also was asking the same questions. Dr. Harris said he would be happy to provide pictures and we discussed this last Friday. I will send him this link for you so that he can see what folks are asking. As for the instrumentation... Concerning FUE. He uses between 0.8mm and 1.0mm sharp punch to score the surface, then he follows that with his "dull" punch. The key is that he only wants to score through the dermis. The dull punch protects the bulbs upon pushing into the adipose. Hence, the safe approach. After the graft is punched, a tech immediately extracts the graft, places it in Plasmalyte A holding solution, and finally a microscope tech. checks the graft for its viability/transection counts/etc. At the moment... and this will change in the short future, he can perform around 1000 per day. If it calls for 3000 grafts, then he spans it across multiple days. Pretty much standard practice. Again this will change in the near future. "I really feel that Dr. Harris is on to something, but without his cooperation online, others have made a name for themselves doing average work at best." It is not that he is purposely uncooperative. He says he just doesn't like getting caught up with forum drama... you know... like we do. Not that he does not care... it is not his forte. He is busy with FUE research, writing the second edition of his book on HT (which involves defining FUE across the board) and is involved in a new technology that is entering a second phase of trials. He also has a family that he goes home to and puts work down. The thing is, he did not ask that I post for him. He said if I wanted to, that would be great. So of course I am happy to post things about our surgeries and will begin to provide you Bspot/Bill/mrb/ etc pictures ASAP.
  6. Once, I went to look at a house with a lady on a sunny day in her car, porsche convertible. She noticed my bald spot, pulled over & got me a hat out the trunk! Mad Um... like that is entirely too rude. Her own insecurities delt that comment to you. This is a gender no no statement and it might offend but women (the ones who act like the one in question) sometimes don't realize that as they get older their companion prospects lower drastically. On average, a Mans companion prospects continue to be high and does so as they get older... An example is the business professional at age 48 and is dating a 33 year old. Rarely does a 48 year old woman have as many prospects as a Norwood 6 48 year old man on average. SHe needs to count her chickens and put the hat on her head. I apologize for anyone that might think this is a cheavanistic (sp) post. That woman just urked me.
  7. In my experience, not everyone that refuses to list their employed clinic have hidden agendas and one who waits for more information, is better off so no one is wrongfully accused of the hidden agenda. Just joshing but in jest of course. Now on to the thread topic. What do you think about natural dht inhibitors, antioxidants, and other compounds that help healing? Does anyone have an opinion?
  8. I have asked others to do this in the past, and they had no problem with it. The fact that you were so resistant looked bad and made it seem that you had some sort of hidden agenda. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for not doing what you ask. And the manner at which you asked created the "hidden agenda" that was unnecessary. As a matter of fact, one of the posters here wrote other persons questioning my background with certain physicians... which resulted in a confirmation of who I am. If you had asked me privately, after my refusal then I would have explained my reasons and now I can publically do so at my descretion. Not to dis-respect the great Pat Hennessey, but I'd rather be banned than to do something forcefully and especially when all allegations were untrue. Anyway, I decided to take a full-time position with Dr. James Harris, MD. I had to sit and chat with him to make sure he would not mind that I continue to be unbiased in my posts and continue to state facts of my experiences in other clinics. He stated that he had no problem with my wishes and that conversation occured yesterday in Colorado. No I feel comfortable listing the docs I can provide information about. You see, Harris is trying to get the FUE word out to patients and doctors. He will hold several upcoming workshops, provide research , and do so in an open manner. He believes in spreading new technologies instead of hoarding them. That way more patients can be helped through physician and technician training and awareness. Going forward... Lets move on and let's stir up information exchange and we all can help and learn from each other. I need more feedback on post op products. When I was at Coles, I took notice on the healing times and other significant values when Haircycle was introduced. And believe me when I say this... I am a skeptic 10 times over, but when you notice over and over patients saying the same thing without asking then one realizes that this might be significant. So far B-spot stated noticible changes when using graftcyte. Why cannot we discuss these findings together. It is a worthy topic based on helping graft survival rates, decreasing iching, inflammation, oxidative stress protection, hydration of grafts. But is it?
  9. Well I am sorry that you and I don't see eye to eye Bill. I think deep down we both strive to find better solutions for helping hairloss victims. Maybe we both have the same goal and we just need to get along. Anyway, I cannot account for the many differences of the healing times but I try to look at it in a scientific way and don't just assume anything. I need hard data, soft data, or patient feedback. We got one such info from B spot. As for my signature, I will add names the next time I post. I had to wait to make sure one particular doctor was hiring me fulltime. I don't mind adding names to my signature, it just would have been better if you would have been more professional about it by asking me in private. Instead you picked un-opportune times to bash, add all kinds of shady comments and speculations. Nevertheless no harm done. I hope we get feedback on the post op products.
  10. Thank you for your comment and quetion. Devroyes rationale is that hydration is important. Coles, as well as Mwamba's rationale is also hydration and that is based primarily derived from the fact that that clinic before haircycle used saline spray every hour post op. The brainchild inventor of Haircycle... Truett Bridges, MD however performed research into what natural products would provide certain results around issues, i.e. "redness", scab reduction, protection of grafts from oxidation, etc. PAI uses the graftcyte to "fix" the grafts so they won't move post op. I have to go now. We have a large case of 4000 by FUT and I won't be able to post until late.
  11. hairtech_ You seem to disagree often without thought. Bill. Not without thought. It took you two weeks to reply and that tells me much about what sorts of thought processes you have. You are missing my point everytime. I am not being arrogant in in that your reply (in my opinion)was definitely without "thought" on the initial reply to the beginning of this thread. Doctors send patients home with post-op care products for reasons that they believe in. Remember... they are doctors, and maybe their medical knowledge of human physiology makes them what they are... doctors. Maybe aloe, isn't enough. Anyway... Since everyone gave their opinion I want to give some input that other clinics do and see what you guys think. Jon Devroye in Belgium has an intersting post op care practice. He makes the patient spray the grafted area every 20 minutes for 24 hours. No matter how tired the patient gets, he/she must continue to spray. And Devroye only uses saline. I think it is to keep the grafts hydrated. Bosley... kind of scary here, but it is what they do. They ask that the patient not was the head for three days. And after that they can use head and shoulders or one of their own follicle sprays. The point is, they want the head to be dry post op period. PAI uses graftcyte but in an interesting way. After the surgery and right before they leave, they spray graftcyte onto the recipient area, and then use a cool hair dryer which freezes or fixes the graftcye like hairspray. The grafts are kind of glued in, if you will. Cole uses Haircycle, which is a biotin based spray similar to graftcyte but only in the way it is packaged. It was created by Truett Bridges, MD. The recipient area is sprayed once per hour for multiple days. Cooley uses graftcyte. Rose uses Saline. Harris brings the patient back for an initial wash but does not use post op products. MHR uses folligen spray. I think that is a proprietary formulation. I believe they also dont want to wash the head for a day or two. I have not seen the graftcyte compress in a couple of years. "The combination of shampoo, conditioner, cold compress, and concentrated spray reduced post-op redness and in general promoted over-all healing in the donor and recipient areas" B-spot, You bring up an interesting point and I have also seen similar results with haircycle concerning post-op redness, etc. I wish we could get hard data or start a thread and bring patients reviews of products used. We cannot say that nothing works until we get more feedback. What are your thoughts?
  12. I am surprized that no one has much feed back on this topic.
  13. This is my opinion concerning new patients I don't believe there is a single most important question to ask. There are many equally important questions. One might be... "With the hairloss that I have currently, my age, the characteristics of my hair, my family history, my expectations, and my donor resources, what options do I have? 2. And a second question because with me always looking for a new career, what kind of dough do they pay you? By the hour or salary? I am paid by the day. 3. As a consultant, who do you consult, doctors or patients? If a patient asks for advice here or via email, then I am happy to provide answers to questions that I know. For example and using your field of work as an example, a friend of mine asked me for advice on what type of cars are reliable? My friend know zero about cars. He knew that I knew something about them. He knew I was not an expert but since I frequently tinkered on my car and sometimes worked on a friends cars, that he trusted to ask what my opinion was on what I thought was a reliable car. A similar concept is seen here. If a patient sees that I am offering general information, about different procedures, and about different clinics, then I provide non-expert answers. 4. At a recent conference, the point was made by several prominent HT surgeons, that while there are always new and innovative techniques being discovered and shared in the HT industry, why is the industry in danger of shrinking in terms of quality surgeons? I cannot provide a definitive answer to that question. Maybe because there seems to be a few doctors that claim to have the best techniques and the best tools and for some reason they don't want to share what they know. Maybe there is an increase in self-proclaimed expert HT doctors who have little expertise. Maybe the larger corporate conglomerates, are hurting the private sector. 5. Do you find it difficult to actually learn and make assessments of so many doctors and clinics in such a short time? 5 years? Sometimes to learn a new clinic can be difficult. There are variations in technique that may take time to grasp. And I by know means am better than the top techs at the clinics I visit. But I am enthusiastic about learning new techniques, try to provide quality work, and have been able to grasp the concepts and apply them in every clinic thus far. My assesments provide unbiased information to general questions. Thank you for the questions.