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  1. No problem at all werm, great questions. I too was under the impression that the transplant was a permanent solution; especially since I had lost the bulk of my hair from the top
  2. I was looking to avoid getting cut up again and dealing with either a bigger scar or a second one (is this how it works?). But now that you mention this, perhaps holding off until some future tech breakthroughs might be the way to go. Or possibly contacting that company in the UK who currently clones follicles and reduces damage while increasing grafts. Who knows really. Maybe I'll just stick with the buzzed look...but with special attention to covering the scar lol
  3. Hi. The majority of the grafts are pretty much gone, and after comparing pictures from pre-op to the ones I posted, there are very little differences. After experiencing some side effects of fin, I had stopped taking it years ago, but the hairloss didn't really happen/accelerate until the past two years or so. Not quite sure why or how, but I was looking to get a chance to stretch this out for a while longer with another procedure.
  4. It's never been this short since I had the first procedure. It's actually a haircut blunder on my part for trying to do it myself haha. Normally it's a lot longer and styled differently with topic as filler. Goals was just more density since I've been losing my transplanted hair gradually and a bit faster than normal the past two years or so. It's a lot more difficult to achieve that appearance of fullness that I've enjoyed all these years.
  5. Sigh...that's unfortunate. Guess I'll just have to wait it out and see what's possible within the next few years
  6. Hi everyone! I had work done back in 2010 (4000 grafts) with Hasson & Wong thanks to this forum and now 7 years later I'm looking to get more work done (FUE this time round). I was interested in either going to Turkey or Thailand due to significant cost savings but I'm not sure if this is the best idea... Anyway, after contacting the office of Dr Erdogan, I was told that since I've already had a procedure done that they cannot perform FUE and I'm ineligible. Is this right? I've seen lots of patients go in for multiple procedures and I don't know why they said this. I have attached a few pictures to this thread for your guys' advice. If you have any suggestions for where to get great quality FUE, please let me know! Thanks as always!
  7. I havent told anyone about my surgery and dont plan on doing so. I will be needing the staples to be removed next week, but was wondering whether bosley would be a good place to remove the staples? I dont want to go to my physician either for this. Any suggestions?
  8. I've been able to secure a loan through chase, and I'm ready for december to come!
  9. are lending institutions more willing to offer loans for these procedures?
  10. They dont directly offer financing, but they do accept loans from chase.
  11. hello ladies & gents. I've booked a procedure with a reputable doc in december. I've booked the ticket, put down a deposit, and I've saved up about 9k but will need to find 9-10k by december. For the time being my credit is fair. I'll need to find the $$, but I'm not quite sure whether I should apply for credit cards, a personal loan, or for a cosmetic loan through chase. I'm not sure whether I'll be approved for that amount, so I'm pretty concerned. I will be receiving 9k in january, so I technically need the loan for less than a month, but the doctor needs full payment the day of the procedure. What suggestions do you guys have? Anyone know of any loansharks?




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  13. ^ how does that work? Do you take a wad of cash with you? (doesnt withdrawing 10K+ cause a problem with the authorities?)