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  1. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has looked into the whole area of Stem Cell Implantations. I read an article in one of the London news papers about a company called Hair Science Institute that offes such services with fairly ok results. Has anyone any experience of stem cell work or even this company? I see that there are other similar companies...this is just an example. It's interesting for me because I have a very poor donor site even for FUE! Your thoughts/experience/advice would be appreciated!!
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on FUE surgeons who are agressive but not too the point where they over harvest? I have limited donor hair in the traditional sites but still believe I can safely extract another 1,500 or so grafts. Obviously, I need to choose my surgeon carefully. I used Dr True (excellent surgeon!!) the last time and am considering going back but feel he might be a little conservative..... Also, any thoughts on the non-shaven FUE technique....is it worth it? I've heard that it produces poor yields? I am only starting researching the above matters myself so would welcome your views.... Thanks All! Sierra My blog: Hair Restoration Site for Sierra6
  3. Billerous, Thanks for the encouragning reply. I plan on sitting tight for another few months. Hopefully the density will improve. Given that the BHT was centrally placed in the mid scalp....it should be easy to follow progress. Dr True didn't place any scalp hair in this area so it should be interesting to see how things work out. Hopefully, I'll achieve enough to allow me tidy things up nicely with another procedure. In the meantime, I'm going to find a hair thickening product and maybe try finesteride. Thanks Sierra6
  4. All, I've added some pictures....pre-op right up to 6 month post op (last week). I'm still disappointed with the results so far...although the BHT is starting to come through. To be fair, Dr True did say it would take a little longer for the BHT to come through compared to the normal donor hair. Any commments (words of encouragement) would be appreciated. http://www.hairtransplantnetwo...-page.asp?WebID=1621
  5. Hi Tremblant, The results are not great at all so far...however, it appears that some of the hairs are now (6 months on) only beginning to break through the surface of my skin. I have created a blog so I can get some feed back and will post some pictures at the weekend...maybe I'm a 'slow-grower' (really hope I am!!!)
  6. FC, I'm a 32 year old Irish guy. I had three strip procedures with Hair Ireland in Rathmines (Dublin)about 7 years ago and a 1,500 hairs FUE last June with Cosmetic Medical Plus (which now operate out of the Ailsbury Clinic in Dublin). Last week I flew over to NY to have 2,700 grafts inserted by Dr True. So, as far as Irish guys go...I've been around the block. There is no decent physician in Ireland. I say that period. I received terrible advice and results from Hair Ireland and almost ended up in litigation with them. I could not fairly recommend them to anyone. Stay clear!! The Ailsbury Clinic, which is the (not a...the) leading private clinic in Ireland dis-associated themselves with DHI earlier this year because, as I understand it, they were not happy with their practices. So unhappy in fact that the matter ended up on the court list!!! And I'm not surprised! I, a Norwood 5, was told by a DHI doctor at a consultation last April that 3,000 hairs (not grafts - there is a big difference) would give me a good hairline and a light coverage on the crown. He also told me that there would be no signs of the surgery at all 3 to 4 days afterwards. I ran a mile!!! Cosmetic Medical Group now operate in Ailsbuty and have actually retained one or two of the good DHI doctors. Their service seems ok. But I would not be inclined to go back having spend hours and days researching matters since June last. If you want a good result, you'll have to travel and pay for it (DHI will do 3,000 hairs - circa 1,700 grafts -for ?‚¬2,000). While I have not had time to witness the results from Dr True, I could not recommend him and his business partner Dr Dorin any higher! They were fantastic and in a differnt league to the others in Ireland. My advice, research the doctors in UK, Canada and U.S. And if you are serious about achieving real results....follow the post op instructions.... All the best with your endeavours.
  7. Thanks All. I have booked in for 3000 grafts with True in September. I'll let all know how it goes!
  8. Thanks guys! To be honest, I do have some reservations about Epstein....my gut feeling is that there is something not quite right with his set up - maybe its the big sales effort. But True seems to be a straight down the middle old school doc....I think I will choose him ultimately...
  9. Guys, Thanks for the replies. Some background first. I underwent 3 strip procedures in the UK in 2001/2002 and out of the 1,600 grafts implanted, less than 10% grew. This, without doubt was due to the negligence of the advice provided by the clinic. I had a 600 graft FUE grafts implanted 6 months ago. These are all growing ??“ and in fact there was no shock loss after the treatment! The doctor at the time said it was pretty close to the max he could take without exposing my strip scar. He felt that another 500+ could be taken and implanted in the strip scar and on the hairline at a later date. In any event, I have now contacted all the top doctors in the US - Umar, True, Epstein, Cole, Feller, Bernstein etc - and have sent them pictures of my hair. The general consensus is that another 600 to 1400 FUE could be extracted. 300 can be used to fill the scar can the rest on the hairline. Umar, True and Epstein will also do BHT. This is attractive because the BHT grafts can be used to fill the scar leaving all the Scalp FUE to complete the hairline and mid head section. BHT will be used for the crown also. In terms of growth rates, Umar and Epstein are suggesting in around 60%. However, True believes that he can identify good BHT from bad BHT once extracted and therefore will only implant the good BHT grafts. This, he tells me, can result in yields between 75% to 90%. Better still, True only charges for the implanted BHT.... By all accounts, True seems like an honest and caring physician (if not a little conservative). As such, I am likely to place some faith in him. I have my reservations about Umar. His work seems controversial and lacks documentation of results. In essence, I see that his mega procedures produce lesser results than small sessions - yet he suggested 6,000 grants to me (circa 4,500 - 5,000 BHT). I just don't get a good vibe from him. Epstein is up there with True (although 1$ per graft more expensive!). Has anyone any experience with him or any thoughts to share? One of the big problems with BHT, from what I can see, is the lack of patient involvement in forums like this. Some guys have posted pictures but them disappeared. It would really help if these people could step up. So if I go ahead, I will certainly consider breaking the mould and posting some pictures....for all the other poor souls. But I would welcome views on the above. Has anyone out there got BHT?? Especially with True or Epstein'?
  10. Hi All, Following some online consultaions (e-mails, pictures and telephone calls) I am contenplating getting circa 3,000 BHT grafts. Has anyone received a BHT with either of these doctors? While are more than reputable in their own right I would welcome your views. BTW - I have little scalp donor hair so BHT is required. I appreciate the replies in Advance! Sierra!
  11. Eoin, I visited DHI Dublin last week and agreed to have a procedure done to implant 2,500 - 3,000 hairs (they wont know how many they can do until the shave my head - apparently). I will be gonig to Athens to have it done there as there are few dates in Dublin over the next 2 months that suit and London is twice the price. Anyway, one of my big issues was scarring and visability following the procedure as I previously had 3 strip procedures at Hair Ireland in Rathmines - and these were horrific - stay clear!! I was told by DHI that the donor area would not scar and there would be a rash type redness for about 3 days following the procedure as there is little invasion (unlike the scalpal used during strip - the marks from which lasted almost 12 days). Same applies to the recipient area. I'd welcome your views. Fortunately, I haven't paid anything yet to DHI but am due to pay it this week. I'm not sure how you private message on the site but would appreaciate your comments!! Cheers! M