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  1. i consult with Rahal's consultant one year and half ago, and they suggested 2000 grafts.
  2. i have been taking finasteride for over a year, also using rogaine and laser light helmet
  3. Hello everyone, I am 30 year old and NW2, and thinking of booking FUE for my hairline improvement with HLC. So far communication is super slow, I can only email them and get replies in about 2 days. (Is info@fue-hlc.com their official email, just to be sure?) I see good review about them, but I've never seen any reviews with their unshaved option, and I've attached a few pictures of mine. I'll be travel from Toronto Canada, so it's a long flying trip for me. Any tips for travelling to Ankara turkey would be great. Any suggestions would be appreicated.
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