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  1. 1 month post op. I'd guess around 75% of hairs have shed already, including from the bald patch on the side of my head. Pretty happy with how the donor area has recovered, no visible scarring or shock loss. Quite a bit of lingering redness in the recipient area. Was hoping to be a quick healer but it wasn't to be. I'm applying aloe vera daily, but if anyone has any other tips on how to accelerate the healing it would be appreciated.
  2. 14 days post op. All scabbing was gone by days 8/9, still a bit of lingering redness in the donor area but expected at this stage. Have noticed quite a bit of growth in the hairline, although I think most of it is the native hair that was shaved for the procedure. Also started shedding around day 10. Finding between 50/100 hairs every day in the sink. So far I think I'm about on track...
  3. So today marks my 1 week milestone. Had my first wash and alot of the scabbing came away. Hoping over the next week it will continue to reduce along with the redness. Was finally able to unclip my hair, was really happy to find it completely covers the recipient area. Although I am currently sporting a monk like hairstyle 😁
  4. Hi everyone, after using this forum in deciding to go with Dr Arshad. I thought I'd detail my journey here. A bit about my hair loss background, my hairline receeded about 2/3 cms at the front and roughly 6/7cms at the temples in my mid 20s. I started taking finasteride and thankfully it stabilised there. I'm now in my mid 30s. I've thought about a transplant for a very long time and have had a few procedures scheduled in the past, but due to various reasons it never happened. Then I was scheduled in with HLC for this year, but due to travel restrictions again I had to cancel. Then through a q
  5. Yeah, it was very good of HLC. @Melvin-Moderator I will definitely detail my journey on here, I'm booked in for Tuesday. An exciting/nervous wait!
  6. As far as I know it's fixed at £3 per graft, they do offer some good interest free finance options though
  7. Nope, HLC were very understanding regarding travel restrictions and are giving me a full refund. Managed to book an appointment with Dr Arshad for 16th March.
  8. Thanks John, last minute change of plan. Hopefully the right decision!
  9. I've cancelled and booked a procedure with Dr Arshad in the UK instead (After reading lots of good reviews). Takes away the stress of travel restrictions, I think it's highly unlikely we will be able to travel in March anyway.
  10. Any clue how someone can obtain a medical visa?
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