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  1. Hey all, After lots of research, I have decided that I will get a HT next year. (Ran out of holiday at work so will have to be early next year) i am looking at FUE, 2,500 grafts.1500 at the front and 1000 on the crown, as previously advised at a consultation with Dr Shahmalak in Manchester. after further research, I have now decided that I would like to go with either Raghu Reddy or Christian Bisanga. (Based on results I have seen on here) my question, is who is likely to produce the best results? Many pics I see are on the front and not much on the crown so am reaching out to you guys for some adevice? many thanks in advance.
  2. Hey all, I’m after some advice please- I am looking to get FUE, 2500 grafts and am based in the UK. I am looking to get 1000 in the crown & 1500 at the front. I’m close to booking with Dr Reddy- based on his results and a previous consultation, however I have also been looking at Dr Koray Erdogan based in Turkey and Dr Bisanga based in Belgium. I had not previously considered going outside off the UK, (having heard of lots of horror stories etc) however, having said that, Erdogan and Bisanga’s work looks good and whilst price isn’t a deciding factor for me, both are considerably cheaper than Dr Reddy. Can anyone help? Who is likely to give the best result? Thanks in advance guys.
  3. As previously posted, I’m considering FUE. I’ve had a consultation with Dr’s Raghu Reddy and Asim Shahmalak- both feel I need around 2500 grafts and FUE Is the right option for me. I’m very close to booking with Dr Reddy based on his results and lack of feedback on Dr Shahmalak, however I have today been looking at Dr Koray Erdogan based in Turkey. I had not previously considered going outside off the UK, (having heard of lots of horror stories etc) however, that said his work looks good and whilst price isn’t a deciding factor for me, he is considerably cheaper. Can anyone help? Who is likely to give the best result? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Classygentleman

    Consultation with Dr Reddy

    Whilst I appreciate that I could go abroad I don’t feel this is a viable option for me. I am open to Belgium possibly as is easy to get to from London and I hear good things. For me it’s all about the quality of the work.
  5. I had a consultation today with one of Dr Reddy’s consultants at their Harley street surgery and was Impressed by the level of professionalism and advice given to me. I was told I am suitable for a HT (FUE) but advised to get on Propecia and see how I get on with it before making the decision as I will need to take Propecia following a ht to prevent further hair loss. (Which I knew I would have to do) They also advised this could be advantageous prior to a ht as will strengthen my hair and could help prevent shock loss following a ht. compared to my consultation with Asim Shahmalak it certainly felt more professional and personal and didn’t feel like they were simply trying to sell me. The cost was however higher than I expected @ ?7.50 per graft v’s ?5 per graft with Asim Shahmalak. Is this simply too much or could I get comparable work in the UK for less? Are surgeons ever open to negotiation on the price? Thanks in advance
  6. Currently looking into FUE (as per my last post) and thinking of DrReddy (I have a consultation booked for next week with him) I think I am looking at around 1000 grafts in the crown and 1,500 at front. (As recommended by dr asim shahmalak at a previous consultation) but will of course see what Dr Redy recommends In terms of shaving my head- I understand the donor area must be shaved, but do I need to shave my whole head?
  7. Classygentleman

    Dr Raghu Reddy V’s Dr Farjo FUE

    Looks like nothing happened by day 14! Do you have pics of the actual transplant area?
  8. Classygentleman

    Dr Raghu Reddy V’s Dr Farjo FUE

    Results looks fantastic, but to be fair you had pretty good hair before your transplant! In terms of FUE/ FUT- ideally I want FUE due to minimal scaring. The increased cost is worth it I think. I will however listen to the Dr I chose and follow their advice.
  9. Classygentleman

    Dr Raghu Reddy V’s Dr Farjo FUE

    So dr Fargo, Dr Ball and Dr Reddy are all in the top 3 now! Can I ask how many grafts you had and what the cost was? Thanks
  10. Classygentleman

    Dr Raghu Reddy V’s Dr Farjo FUE

    Thanks John, really appreciate your message. I would love to see your pics. Are you able to PM me unless you are happy to post publicly. How many grafts did you have and what was the cost? Thanks again!
  11. Classygentleman

    Dr Raghu Reddy V’s Dr Farjo FUE

    Honestly I don’t know, hence me posting on here. Would really appreciate any advice people are able to share. Quality and end results are key for me and will be the deciding factor as opposed to price
  12. Classygentleman

    Dr Raghu Reddy V’s Dr Farjo FUE

    Thanks Bill, I haven’t totally ruled out FUT but am less keen due to scaring. I like to wear my hair short on back and the sides. I’m also concerned that if in the future I decide to shelve my head there will be a very visible scar with FUT. Open to all options though. I think picking the right surgeon is also going to be key but with so many companies out there I want to get as much first hand experience as possible
  13. I’m based in the UK and looking into my first possible HT and after much research it seems that Dr Raghu Reddy and Dr Farjo appear to be the best surgeons in the England? Can anyone, based on experience advise who is better? I previously visited Dr. Asim Shahmalak for a consultation who advised I should have 2500 grafts- 1000 on the crown and 1500 at the front. But I have not managed to find enough info on Dr. Asim Shahmalak so doubtfully I will use him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for the best possible surgeon who will give me the best results. Happy to pay more for a better result and travel if needed. Thanks in advance.
  14. Classygentleman

    Dr Farjo v's dr asim shahmalak

    Hi all, I am after some advice/help here please! Today I decided to bite the bullet and visit a doctor to discuss a hair transplant. I decided to visit dr asim shahmalak. During the consultation I was advised that he feels I would need a total of 2500 grafts. This consists of 1000 grafts on my crown and 1500 grafts on he front hairline/ temples. I was quoted a price of ?5 per graft, giving a total cost of ?12,500 (this was more than I was expecting however I'm not looking to base my decision purely on price) This was for FUE, this is my preferred method as I do not want a scar. Having come home and done further research, Dr Farjo seems to be the doctor of choice on the forum on here and having seen lots of posts documenting his work I would be keen to have a consultation with him also. In order to compare apples with apples so to speak, from peoples experiences with Dr Farjo is anyone able to advise me in terms of price how he would compare to the price I have been quoted today with dr asim shahmalak? Many thanks in advance
  15. Classygentleman


    I have a similar hair loss to you, are you able to share the cost? Thank you in advance