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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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  1. Looking good mate and only 6 months in. I’m currently 7 weeks post FUE with Dr Arshad. This has made me excited to hit the 6 month mark!
  2. Who was the Dr? you have not yet advised on this. it may help others out, or potentially others may be in the same situation
  3. On what basis....? based on the fact you had a failed HT in the past? Does that mean that all UK Dr’s are unable to give good results? I respectfully disagree. I note that you previously posted that there is only 1 Dr worth visiting in Turkey- also not correct. (There are lots of very bad clinics in Turkey but more than just 1 good option there)
  4. L shaped hairs are probably nothing to worry about, at this stage they shouldn’t be grafts- unless anyone one here knows different. try conditioner or alo Vera for the dry scalp
  5. 6 week mark hair is growing fast, not expecting much in the way of new growth yet but I can definitely see new hairs starting to grow- (almost like stubble)
  6. 1 month post op Shedding still going! Scalp is dry in places but other than that all as it should be at this stage...I think?!
  7. After 7 months the majority of people are starting to see results, although full results are expected after 12months (18 months in some cases) Everyone is different and many factors come into play- such as how extensive is your current hair loss? Are you on meds? What are your expectations and are they realistic? it’s worth looking through the many results on here. There are lots of documented journeys where people post their results at various stages. I’m sure you will find lots. That should help to give you an idea.
  8. 3 weeks post Op.Still some rednessTenderness in donor area has gone.Starting to shed but hoping the next few months brings some growth!
  9. Day 12 scabs are pretty much all off now. Shedding has started I believe, continue to see hairs after my morning wash, although to be expected. Donor area feels fine with only minor tenderness if touched.
  10. I’m using a jug of water and slowly pouring over my head as opposed to using the shower head. Again, this was for fear that the shower may be too powerful
  11. I’m using a jug of water and slowly pouring over my head as opposed to using the shower head. Again, this was for fear that the shower may be too powerful
  12. Thanks @JohnAC71 Can I be a little more firm when washing now? I am currently being very gentle and owing only the tips of my fingers for fear of causing damage.
  13. 10 days post op.Now had 3 washes.I am Noticing hairs coming out when washing with the scabs, but this is to be expected.Some minor remains of scabs on recipient area, but most scabs have gone and starting to look normal (ish)I would welcome any thoughts from those in the know.Everything is as it should be at this stage?
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