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  1. Hi John, Well in my opinion you should first focus on kind of result you are looking for then plan for the budget accordingly. I personally found Eugenix India, Dr. Arika Bansal work superb. You should get in touch with them and discuss further. Hair transplant is something which changes our entire look and feel. So focus more on the results. All the Best Andy I'm not a medical professional, thus any information given by me is my own observation and should not be treated as professional advice.
  2. Hi Rajdip... Hair fall, baldness is very common problem now. Due to our eating and lifestyle changes hair fall becomes challenge for many. It is great that you are keeping an eye on your hairs, cause most of the time till we notice our hair problem, we must have already crossed a curtain stage. I would suggest you to see a Doctor, specially the one who has passion and love for hair and who can guide you with proper way to stop or reduce hair fall. Trust me hair is a great asset and you realise its worth when they visibly reduced. I have consulted some Doctors in recent time. I foun
  3. Hi Andrea, I see a great great result in your pictures. Amazed also curious about how did you finalized your transplant and how much time it took for you to make a decision because I'm looking for the solution since long.
  4. Thank You So much Melvin for your reply... Yes this is the reason I'm on this forum to get a genuine suggestions and hopefully will get a right technic and clinic for my baldness. If you can help me in reaching right feed or posts I would be very glad. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm Andy Sharma, I'm from India... I suffer visible hair loss since almost 10 years and looking for a permanent and natural solution. I know I have waited a long time but in my experience when I see different different hair transplant results, I'm literally scared to whether go for it or no, cause some people have very unnatural hair transplant done, some people are having big scars at back of their head, some people shocked me with the cost involved and the various technologies involved in hair transplant (everyone claim they have the best technology) added more and more confusions only.
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