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  1. Thanks for the replies all, appreciate it. The “ugly duckling” phase is affecting me a little psychologically but i am trying to remain positive and patient. I really want to use clippers on my donor areas to make hair all one length but i still have quite a bit of irritation and acne. Is it to early for me to start minoxidil? Anything else you all suggest i do during recovery period? Thank you
  2. Hello all, Just wanted to get some feedback on how my recovery is going/looking from people that have had FUE transplant already. I had 3500 grafts done 4 weeks ago in Turkey with Longevita. Donor areas are growing much faster than the transplanted areas. I have a lot of acne on my donor areas and itching, transplanted areas don't itch but re starting to get some spots to. Any advice or feedback on my recovery so far would be appreciated. I have just purchased Regaine Monixidil 5% foam, and looking to start using that in next day or two.
  3. Thanks for your reply John. I will post some pictures later when i get in from work. I had my FUE on 24th August in Istanbul with Longevita. I had a total of 3500 grafts done. Is there anything i can use to reduce and get rid of pimples? Your thoughts on when Its safe to use a clipper on the donor area? Obviously I am in no rush right now due to itching and pimples.
  4. Hello all, I have just registered to this amazing forum and so grateful to the person who created it! i have some questions if someone can kindly help me? i am almost 3 weeks post fue and my donor area has a lot of pimples and itching, is this common? Is there anything i can use/take to help with itching and reduce pimples? i usually have the back and sides shaved to a zero with a clipper. When can i start using a clipper again on the donor areas? when can i start playing football/soccer again? is it ok to shampoo my hair everyday?
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