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  1. Thanks for your reply John. I will post some pictures later when i get in from work. I had my FUE on 24th August in Istanbul with Longevita. I had a total of 3500 grafts done. Is there anything i can use to reduce and get rid of pimples? Your thoughts on when Its safe to use a clipper on the donor area? Obviously I am in no rush right now due to itching and pimples.
  2. Hello all, I have just registered to this amazing forum and so grateful to the person who created it! i have some questions if someone can kindly help me? i am almost 3 weeks post fue and my donor area has a lot of pimples and itching, is this common? Is there anything i can use/take to help with itching and reduce pimples? i usually have the back and sides shaved to a zero with a clipper. When can i start using a clipper again on the donor areas? when can i start playing football/soccer again? is it ok to shampoo my hair everyday?
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