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  1. Hi Guys. Just wanted to update you regarding my crown. Still on Finasteride with no issues. I think it is coming along nicely.
  2. Definitely well deserved. I am a patient of his and while I might be biased in that, I do believe he has built a strong reputation locally and regionally here. Really impressed with the work they do and his personal involvement and attention to detail. Very honest and loves what he does.
  3. Hi guys. I'm now 11 months since surgery. On finasteride still with no issues. Just an update regarding the results. Also crown is doing well.
  4. Thank you guys for all the feedback and answers about maintenance. I am taking it almost daily. I started with 1 tablet every other day but then I gradually increased it to 5 times a week. I'm really getting anxious about losing more hair as to me I cant be more satisfied with the current state. I hope all holds well.
  5. Hi guys once again. I had another follow up session with my doc today after 10 months from the procedure. Things are going well. I have been taking finasteride since I posted here last. I do feel my hair still getting stronger in the front and mid section. It's frustrating that the initial impact of improvement kind of grows on you and now only subtle improvements are seen. Do you guys get that feeling after 10 months? Here are some photos.
  6. Yes I was considering Bisanga too. The other names are also popular but not too familiar with their ongoing real results. Best of luck.
  7. Thanks @Fluffhead Yes really happy with the progress so far. Will post some more photos as more time passes by.
  8. I agree. You have to be unlucky once and then it will be a long road of repairs etc.
  9. Yes @Melvin-Moderator Dr. Taleb Barghouthi. I did not find him on this forum but I got local recommendations and some other regional forums. You know him?
  10. Well I did it locally. I have been living in Italy and was looking to do it somewhere in Europe: Belgium , Spain or Poland. I flew back home to Jordan for holidays in December and ended up doing it with Dr. Taleb. I was concerned initially as I was obviously looking for a good job. Nonetheless the feedback locally and regionally here made me bite the bull. He did most of the surgery over 2 days so that was a relief. It came out to be more cost effective too with around 2 usd per follicle and a reasonable waiting time.
  11. Thanks guys. I am pleased with the progress so far. Yes minoxidil foam is still itchy at times for me so I will drop it. I was advised to use 0.5 mg of finasteride daily and build it up if tolerated so I guess that’s close to what you advised @TorontoMan and will give it a go. I am keen on sticking to finasteride but has anyone on this forum experienced irreversible side effects. I know most evidence is about libido drop but I am only concerned about irreversible damage etc. My doc reassured me and even showed me recent articles supporting finasteride use. I just wanted to see if you guy
  12. Thanks. Yes as I said I will do a longer description of my experience. i have a video of me combing while looking down which I hope i can post here shortly too. Thanks for the comment. Yes If fin works out I will stop the minoxidil I guess.
  13. First time posting here guys. I am hoping to be more elaborate with my experience but I wanted to get a quick opinion from forum users. I am now almost 8 months after having 3000 FUE grafts. I do have a family history of NW 5/6. I am now 35 years old and have been losing hair mostly in my frontal third for few years. i underwent my transplant and have been instructed to go on minoxidil and finasteride. My question is: is it important to do both ? My surgeon told me that finasteride is recommended but some side effects can occur mainly in terms of libido. I would like the best form of treatment
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