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  1. No I will leave the system off for now, it hasn't been and won't be an issue in the near future....I'm not sure what the situation is in the US but due to Covid, I am currently in what they call a shielded group, this is in place until at least the end of July. In the shielded group there has been heavy restrictions on going outdoors, they are currently easing these but there is still big restrictions for the shielded group until at least the end of July. This has meant its not been much of an issue to date, once the restrictions are lifted to the extent that I am able to visit bars, shops etc again then I will wear a cap. Work would generally be an issue but with Covid we have been kept off...the government paying 80% of our usual wage, my employer met the rest so I've not had any losses. People have recently been returning to work (with safety measures) but being in the shielded group that doesn't apply to me and once shielding ends my role is likely to be changed to an at home position. I plan to keep my hair short, if a situation comes up where I need to be a place and can't wear a cap then I will simply glue the hair down and fit the system again as a one off.
  2. Thanks Melvin, Gabrielle, Its not so much the shedding that concerns me...its the sheer amount, I thought it may have been related to starting Fin a month into Minoxidil but yeah I will see it through. On the question - it really is just as I've stated above, there was literally no other basis for me trying meds again...In the UK we had pretty lengthy lock down period for people in the at risk category (which I am), I didn't see any point in maintaining and fitting the system while not being able to leave the house for 3 month so I decided to leave the system off. A month or so in, as my hair grew it didn't seem like I had lost much ground from when I first decided on a system, I thought if I'm stuck in the house with the system is off (while not expecting much)...I may as well see what the meds can do. If my loss is stable and the meds can keep it that way or even create some gain then I would be willing to revisit the transplant route again. I had looked into it many years ago but the consensus was due to my age and being a diffused thinner that a transplant wasn't advised (I'm sure this will of changed now that I'm older). My current thinking is to use this opportunity to see what the meds can do and visit some clinics towards the end of the year (if the crisis permits) to see where I stand in terms of a tranplant now.
  3. Pre-screened,. Yeah, I had read similar but seriously wasn't expecting full blown bald patches. Maybe I'm getting double shedding due to adding the Fin a month later....in any event I will stick it out as long as I can. I had come to terms with being a system wearer so there's always that to fall back on but obviously stabilising and topping up with transplant would be far preferable. Thanks
  4. Sorry, it may not even be a phrase that's used anymore, I've not been on any hair loss forums for years. When I said big 3, I was referring to Minoxidil, Nizoral and Finasteride.
  5. Hey Guys, Looking for a little advice...I have been on the big 3 for the last two month, I understood the likelihood of shedding in the early stages but the loss has been massive. I was just wondering: Is this amount of loss normal? If you start minoxidil and fin at different times (within a month), can you expect to have 2 separate shedding phases? Background: Losing over the last 17 years, system wearer for the last 3 or so...during lockdown it seemed pointless maintaining my system so thought I would just let my hair grow. I was somewhat surprised to see I had lost little ground in the last few years (maybe I had, I just know I was diffused thinning prior to the system and there didn't seem to be much difference when I let it grow). Anyway, I thought if I am going to be stuck in I may as well give this another go...I purchased some Rogaine foam and Nizoral and Alpecin which I used for a month. This last month I've been using the above but changed the night-time Rogaine application to Dualgen-5 and topical Fin and added Biotin. I am going through massive shedding, I don't have before photos as to be honest I wasn't expecting much notable results (good or bad). In the images (sorry for the quality) you can see I have developed a fairly large bald patch, there is literally nothing there other than some very fine vellus hairs. As I said I don't have have before photos and its hard to tell how much hair I had there prior to the shedding because I had only been growing it out for a month or so prior to meds but there was hair (best guess, probably the density as the diffused thinning throughout). If I grab hair then more often than not some will come out. I get shedding is normal at the start but to create full blown bald spots Any advice or shared experiences welcomed