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  1. Hey it's you from reddit ! It is nice that you've posted here also.Honestly it looks great,now it's only a waiting game ... I'm same age as you and still researching about HTs,I've got similar hairline/temple recession as you had ,though I might go for 2k grafts.My regiment is kinda more aggressive with oral dutasteride and oral minoxidil...as for hair transplant clinics like HLC or HDC or BHR look really tempting ..
  2. "One word: covariate. People experiencing the hardship of hair loss — especially those desperate enough to try and treat it — are likely to have higher rates of mental and social adversity. It’s the classic correlation does not = causation motif. Moving on." "Honestly I hate how claims even exist of certain medications “causing” suicide. Biology doesn’t work like that. Medications don’t cause suicide. They can contribute to chemical changes in the brain that lead to feelings of depression and sadness, which in turn can lead someone to deliberately check out of the game.
  3. Wow,you have extremely thick and dense hair ! End result is going to be top notch no doubt,happy growing !
  4. Where do you get your oral minoxidil ? I got mine Loxidil 5mg 100 tabs from CM4SHOP.
  5. Something between norwood 1 and 2,so you're good.
  6. Where can I see the study ? Or should you e-mail me ?
  7. It increases skin cell turnover making it more permeable for minoxidil to penetrate.I use compounded version that pharmacy makes.It is dissolved along with minoxidil in mixture of ethanol and propylen glycol.I think it helps when you compare it to regular minox solutions ... but definitely is not even remotely close to the efficasy of oral minoxidil.
  8. Yeah,I ordered from them yesterday,just need to pay up via bank transfer.I ordered Minox 5 brand (5mg) I think it's all the same as Loxidil/Lonitab/Noxidil/Loniten.I wanted to start slowly like taking 2.5 mg once a day for couple of weeks to see how it goes then start using standard 5mg dose.I'm also using 0.5 mg dutasteride (Avodart),topical 5% minoxidil with 0.015% tretinoin and 2% ketoconazole shampoo (Nizoral),also could start dermapening 1.5mm once weekly.What is your regimen and how do you fare with results/sides from oral minoxidil ?
  9. Dude chill, it's my choice in the end.I will start using it when I get it,if I don't get sides I'll have check ups with my professors cardiologists...Anyway none answeared on my real question where to get it lol.
  10. They just said that low dose (2.5-5 mg) of oral minoxidil would not cause problems with blood pressure or cardiac function...In the end I just want to try it out like the rest of people,if I get some serious side effects I'll quit normally ... many world famous hair restoration experts recommend low dose oral minoxidil for hair growth.
  11. I consulted with dermatologist and my profesSors of intern medicine (cardiologist) since I'm a med student,and they said it is relatively safe and tolerable in low doses.Dermatologist said that oral min is much more effective than topical one because almost all of ingested minoxidil is metabolised into minoxidil sulphate in the liver,activating it so that it can work on hair follicles.I'm already on dutasteride and topical minoxidil with tretinoin,recently I even started microneedling with dermapen.I don't like the hussle of applying it on the scalp and the residue in the morning makes me craz
  12. Does anyone know how and where to get oral minoxidil in Europe(Loniten,Lonitab...) in 2.5 or 5 mg doses?I heard about thailandpharmacy or alldaychemist but I don't have experience with them,are they legit,I mean payment and shipping would be complicated considering it's India and Thailand ...Local pharmacies (Serbia) don't have branded drug nor do they have experience with compounding them ...Any help would be appreciated !
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