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  1. Hey Dazed i waited a year and a half. Yes I did. they told me to keep waiting. Did you had a successfull outcome with both of your transplant ? When did you notice most of the growth ?
  2. Evening guys As the title mentioned, i am almost at five months post-op my second hair transplant. I had over 2000 graft transplanted in the front to re-enforce my hairline. A reputable surgeon did the operation. I've read on this forum that often the second surgery performed in an area that already has been worked on before can take longer due to the blood flow. Does anyone have personal experience? All my grafts were grown after three months with my first surgery now I am at four months and three weeks with nothing. I am disappointed. I know it is kind of early still, but it seems like all successful transplants have their growth early. Anyone with success story being late bloomers? Please help