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  1. @hairgod22 thanks for checking in. Still not much growth to be frank. My crown might be coming in (I continue to feel stubble), but visually it's very difficult to tell. My hairline is actually much worse than started as of now, which isn't great. I'm sorry for not providing pictures, I've been moving and given the pandemic, don't have access to same bathroom lighting so am waiting to do a solid line up of pictures. Hopefully can do so within a week when I'm at the 6 month mark.
  2. @KM90 Thanks for checking in buddy. Not a ton of positive momentum to be honest. I'll post a pic shortly from month 5 & 1 week. My existing hair (and donor) has grown and is looking great / back to normal, but the recipient area (particularly in the front) has seen next to nil. I've been busy at work recently but will catch this post up in the coming days.
  3. @TrixGlendevon wow- thanks so much for sharing. Your words ring true. Everyone is different and it's not realistic to judge someone's X-month progress with my own. It sure is hard not to though haha! Given your great results at 9-months, this pic at ~4.75 months gives me great hope for where I can be in a couple months. Thanks again!
  4. @TrixGlendevon if you are willing to share it that'd be great! I'm at 4months 1 week right now and feeling like a bit of a slow grower compared to some, so any data point is helpful.
  5. @83mjs I have considered the exact same thing. It's honestly a daily battle on whether i cut things short to track progress / have better visibility, or whether i just hold steady. I'm feeling more and more stubbles each day (moreso in my crown then up front oddly). At the 4 month 1 week mark now. Will post another update a the 5-month mark or if things materially change before then.
  6. Thanks for this review. It's also great to hear that you were a "slow grower" but clearly have excellent results at the 9-month mark. As a reference to your "slow-grower" comment - do you have any pics at the 3/4/5 or 6 month marks? I haven't seen that many posters who have great 9-month results who didn't also look great at the 5 or 6 month mark, so I'd love to see where you stood to compare! Thanks
  7. Hi Gatsby. Great detailed write-up here. I tend to agree with the others before me on their suggestions. 1 - the SMP job looks really great. I think 99% of normal folks would think you're just a guy with a good head of hair that chooses to shave it down. It's a good look for you. 2 - if you do want to go the HT route - I have definitely seen good things from Eugenix for NW7's on this forum. Best advice would be to talk to those members who have experienced results there, as others have suggested. Either way, keep us up to speed on your decision!
  8. Hi @KM90 - looks like you and I had our procedures on roughly the same day and have very similar profiles (similar grafts / similar locations). Looking forward to following your progress and comparing.
  9. Hi Rolandas. Thanks for these vids. Your hair and mine are similarly fine and I also had redness through the 3.5 month mark. I'm at month 4 now and still have a bit but it is fading slowly but surely. Looking forward to tracking your progress.
  10. Looking really good @83mjs! Similar to me, the crown has existing hair so it's difficult to really parse out the growth but I think I can see some already. And the work done on your temples already seems to be filling in. You;re looking great for 3 months in my opinion (better than I did about a month ago, that's for sure). Looking forward to following along.
  11. @Gatsby very well said. Looking forward to the next few months of growth!
  12. Hi all - Sorry for not including follow up pics in my original post, but here are some pics from the 4 month mark. I also have a personal folder of pics that include some key milestone dates (the first week, month 1, month 2, etc) and can add those if others are curious. I feel a ton of stubble when i run my hand through my hairline / crown, and can see tiny little black hairs just beginning to sprout, but I definitely haven't had an insane early-grower response like some others have had. At this point, I feel like I'm back to baseline. One thing that's tough in my case, is the fact that most of my transplanted hair is going into an area that already has hair. So, while the existing hair has laregely grown back, I find myself trying to look through existing hairs for small stubble and it's tough to see (versus in some HT's when an entirely new hairline is created or a fully bald spot is filled, it's very easy to notice progress no matter how minimal...). I'm still quite hopeful that the forthcoming months can bring some drastic changes. Anyone who's been here before can likely relate to the daily checking of your hairline / crown and it's tough to really notice progress in 24 hour increments... Pics are taken showing the front / crown under strong vs. normal light while wet / dry. Please note that the "strong light" pics are literally taken directly under a really bright light - in other words these pics are taken in light that is stronger than the pre-op pics i posted before but I feel it's helpful to show the extent of my loss.
  13. thanks @Melvin-Moderator I'm aware of @Aftermath's progress and have viewed his thread as well. Anything close to his success would be thrilling.
  14. @giegnosiganoe the first pic is just my left side after day 1. The 2nd pic is a different angle and includes the extractions from the right side. I think it's just a bit of an optical angle issue and unfortunately I don't have too many pictures of the donor area post-op but I think that first pic is pretty indicative of how the other side looked as well.
  15. @HTHope I don't recall if Hasson explicitly mentioned shock loss. We spoke a bit about the importance of fin in maintaining future hair, but I dont remember shock loss being a big discussion. FWIW - you'll see in my 4 month pics (I'm gathering them now and will be posting today) that most of my native hair seems to have returned fine (but might have experienced some shock loss in the front a bit).