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  1. Thanks @giegnosiganoe I feel like the HT has improved my appearance, so it is a success from that standpoint. Justifying if it was "worth it" is another question given the cost and I need to think about that more in-depth...
  2. Thank you both @JohnAC71 and @Spidey. perhaps I am being too harsh of a critic. One thing to note is that before my operation I was walking around with my hair combed back and very few people could tell I was thinning. My pre-op photos are really accentuated to show the degree of my thinning - I haven't really taken the same photos here (where I explicitly pull the hair to show weaknesses). nonetheless it is good to hear positive results from you guys - thanks!!
  3. Hi all. Thanks for the wait and I appreciate the comments on my thread this past year. Here are pictures of my 1 year progress, taken with dry and wet hair. Note my hair is longer than it was pre-op so that is somewhat playing a factor here. Overall, I think my results are a 7/10 but I'd like to hear opinions of others. This has been such a long process but finally, as of the last few months, I do feel content and that it wasn't a total failure (for a bit in the middle of the year I was genuinely worried). I'm better off than I was pre-op without a doubt, however there is a patch in my front behind the hairline that bothers me (you can see it in the pics below). When my hair is combed normally / pushed back, this fairly unnoticeable though. All things considered, my results vastly improved from the 6 month mark - so I'd like to give some credence to the late-bloomer theory. I had some good growth in the front and even in my crown right up past 9 months. It feels like I'm done growing, but it's also become less of a daily thing for me to check. Here are the pics: Dry Hair - Normal Light Wet hair - Post shower (so very wet in first few) with some bright light and some normal light
  4. Hi all - apologies that I didn't' get back to some of you for the last few months. Crazy busy with work. I'm at my 1 year mark exactly. I am currently uploading pics that I took yesterday (dry and wet) and will post them within the hour with a bit of a write-up on my thoughts and feelings about satisfaction. Happy to answer questions over the coming days.
  5. Thanks all. @Melvin-Moderator I will provide a fulsome update this week with pics as I have just crossed the 8-month mark. Some continuous improvement on the crown, and I'd say very minor improvement upfront (e.g. I have some growth on the hairline itself, but not much behind).
  6. This is great context @LonelyGraft. Thanks for reminding me because I believe this is also what Dr. H told me. I remember coming away thinking "ok wow, definitely not using that again". I'm not here to promote meds 1 way or the other, but hopefully this helps steer my thread away from whether using minoxidil or not has any effect. I'd rather just focus on the HT results, and given Dr. Hasson's advice to not use min, that's what I plan to do.
  7. Hi @TorontoMan Fair question and to be honest I'm not quite sure. I recall Dr. Hasson showing me something that justified his suggestions against it, but don't remember what the data was. I'll make a point to ask Doug about this when I catch up with him this month and will try to remember to get back to you on it, because now I'm curious myself.
  8. Thanks. Not really here to argue about minoxidil but I'll just say this: Dr. Hasson made it clear they don't recommend taking min. I was on it for ~3.5 years before the procedure but was still very much losing ground. My transplanted hairs are still much shorter in length than my native hairs (because I haven't had a cut yet), so the existing hair that has grown can not be simply chalked up to my transplanted hairs replacing native hairs.
  9. @asterix0 I stopped minoxidil ahead of the surgery as directed by H&W. They also tell you not to take it post-op. Just following the explicit doctors orders there... Re: fin, I take a smaller than 1mg approach EOD. It seems to have quelled most shedding, and I can tolerate it, so that's what I'm comfortable with at the moment.
  10. Thanks @LonelyGraft. I agree with your reply - not sure that has any real validity / there is no evidence that would have any impact. also FWIW - quarantine has been pretty stress-free for me in particular, so anecdotally this couldn't be more off.
  11. Thanks for checking in @Forelock. I'll get some update pics up this week. I really need a haircut because my native hair has grown considerably so it's a bit concealing on how the implanted hairs have come in.
  12. THank you @Legend007. You had a stellar result - hoping that I;m just a late bloomer.
  13. @Nearsevn have you posted pics anywhere? I'd love to see what you looked like pre-op to compare. I'm particularly curious if you had existing hair in the frontal third or if were implanted on a relatively bald patch.
  14. @CosmoKramer thanks for sharing as that is pretty interesting. I don't really have any scalp conditioins. The occasional onset of dandruff has happened in my life and then I'd always switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo and within a week or so I'd be back to normal. Post-operation, I had some really noticeable dandruff / skin shedding for the first 3ish months, but then I actually mainly fixed it by shampooing less (2-3x a week vs. every day). I typically mix in Nizoral 1x a week or every other week, but I agree that it's pretty harsh on the skin. I haven't experimented with a microneedler or a scalp massager but I've seen positive results from microneedling on some other posts. If I had shorter hair I think I'd give it a go.
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