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  1. Hey mate, don’t know if you’ve made your decision yet but I have an almost identical situation as yours, complete with the little section at the back where no hair grows. I had a consultation with a surgery in India before COVID and also one in Bahrain. The Indian surgeon said I’d get full coverage with some beard hair. The Bahraini said I could get some coverage with my donor area. An estimate would be placing four fingers from my hairline. She also advised against beard hair transplant. As disappointing as this was to hear, I am now glad that she didn’t just promise me results and was open and honest. Sometimes it may not be what you WANT to hear but it is what you NEED to hear and it takes time to come to terms as we have dreams of being the next success story on here. Anyways, I’m now exploring SMP but it is very daunting and there are lots of conflicting stories out there. best of luck to you. Pm me and I can send you details of whom I’ve seen and also pics
  2. Hi guys, anybody hear of follicular regeneration? apparently a non-surgical treatment for hair loss?
  3. I would love to see pics of your hair systems once they're done. Thanks for all the reponses guys, it definitely isn't for everyone but at the same time I still think it's worth a shot - what have you got to lose vs what you have to gain? I think there are far more positives. Undergoing a surgical transplant will always carry a risk, no matter how low the chance of something going wrong is. A hair system is much safer in my opinion. I'm sure at first it will be a strange feeling but after a while you will get used to it. A final parting thought: Beyonce wears a hair system and so do many other celebrities. She would still be pretty high up on my list! 😁
  4. Thanks for the reply, definitely agree it is down to every individual and I guess I will never know until I try one!
  5. Yes I’ve seen him thanks to the YouTube algorithm! It’s the oily scalp issue that isn’t covered by many you tubers that worries me.
  6. I have contacted them and they’re talking of beard transplants and I’m not sure how that would look. It’s also the cost which puts me off a bit but I suppose in the long run, a hair system would also cost quite a bit!
  7. I’m a Norwood 6 and was recently told I could get some frontal coverage through a HT at the cost of an arm and a leg! I decided it wasn’t worth it and thought I’d look at alternatives. unfortunately, I have a head shape that just doesn’t look as good as Jason Statham does with no hair so I decided to investigate a HS. I searched YouTube and all the positive reviews and advocates got me excited but I have two issues. 1. I have an oily scalp so assume that this would mean regular gluing down etc. I’m just not sure how long it would last and don’t know if I would have the patience after years of not having to style my hair! 2. can I actually believe these guys on YT or are they just being paid to say how amazing their hair systems are? I would definitely want a less flashy vanilla ice look like most of the guys on YouTube so I’m not sure if I can wear a hair system and keep It a ‘decent’ length? any advice would be appreciated I’m 41 and would just like at least 10 years of having nice hair as it has been at least 8 years of thinning and baldness..
  8. Hi everyone, I would like your honest advice, please don’t hold back! I’m 41 years old and have steadily lost hair over the last 13/14 years. These pictures show that I am probably between a Norwood 6 or 7. I have been told (By a reputable doctor) that my donor area is not the best but I could get some coverage (around 5000 hairs) around the frontal area which will make it look a lot better. The crown area would still be exposed but perhaps I could think of SMP later on? please let me know your thoughts and really, be honest! Appreciate your time guys(and girls?)
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