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  1. @egy I really appreciate the genuine feedback. I see a lot of hair transplants that are excellent and hope that could be me. All the clinics are saying I'll have 80%+ coverage. Better to make a decision on reality than hope. Thanks a lot, weird but I can't talk to my friends about it, thanks for taking the time to reply.
  2. Hi all, one of the clinics has advised me to grow my hair before they can make a decision as to whether I would have enough grafts to be considered a candidate for fue. I have noticed a second thinning area on the back of me head a couple of cms down from my crown. I'm looking for advice to see if people think these two areas will eventually join up. If this is the case my donor is really limited on the back of my head and I am probably won't be a suitable candidate for a fue transplant. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. At a bit of a crossroads here 😟
  3. Thank you the replies guys I appreciate it. I was told to let the hairloss stabilise before I could get a procedure. Im looking at dr erdogan and cinik in Turkey. Im a bit concerned that erdogan doesnt seem to do much of the procedures himself though. I think I'll go for 1 procedure the smp on the crown, then if I have enough donor I'll go for a 2nd procedure.
  4. Hi all, I have been researching an fue procedure for over three years. I initially wanted one but decided to let my hair loss before I committed. Every clinic I have contacted have said that they can reach 80% coverage with two procedures. My problem is that I don't think I have enough donor area for two procedures, I can include beard hair in both procedures. I understand it's difficult to estimate the exact number as i've been told I have anywhere between 9000 and 5000 from different doctors. I have attached a few photos below. I would genuinely appreciate honest answers. The red line going across the back of my head in one of the photos is just a temporary mark from "bed head". Thanks guys!
  5. Thank you for the detailed advice, I appreciate it
  6. Hi all, I wanted my hair loss to stable before I could commit to a transplant. I have narrowed my search to 3 doctors. Dr maras in Cyprus. 2-2.70 a "hair" advertised on his site. Not sure of that means graft. I like the design of his hairlines and his clinic looks good. Not a lot of reviews but that could also be a good thing. Does anyone know if beard or body hair is used by this clinic? Dr Erdogan, seems to be very well run but the "hair mill" reputation is putting me off. Also I'm unsure if this clinic uses beard or body hair which I would definitely need. Does anyone know if beard or body hair is used by this clinic? Dr Cinik. Someone I know ended up with a really good result. I really would only use Cinik if he was doing all of the work. He is much cheaper but hit and miss if he doesn't do most of the surgery. He will also use beard and body hair. Any experience or thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Wow, I am impressed. Definitely a thickening up and I like the hairline so far! Congrats man
  8. Hi chevenowner1, there's definitely a slight thickening. Are you happy with the progress? Could you take a picture of your donor area too next time you post? Happy growing!
  9. Thanks for the updates! What number blade have you been recommended to cut your hair with?
  10. Hi there, there are a couple of reviews recently. Chevenowner1 wrote a comprehensive account of his experience.
  11. I just meant that I doubt many people could tell you had a surgical procedure done because of the absence of redness. It looks very neat so far, particularly the hairline. You know this already but the density is just a waiting game! Happy growing!
  12. Hi chevenowner1, thanks for keeping us updated. You were very lucky in terms of the lack of redness on your scalp. Could many/any people tell you had surgery?
  13. Hi Marky, firstly I wish you all the very best with your upcoming surgery. I definitely had a different experience to you regarding communication which means they've improved, so that's a positive thing. I am a fan of Dr yaman and especially his hairline construction. The one area I've read negative reports about is the density of the transplant by two members on here and another on an Italian hairloss forum. I'll definitely be looking out for your thread, best of luck again!!! *Edit* apologies, I meant to ask how many grafts you've been quoted.