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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last year
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
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    I'm here for support

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  1. Wow, I am impressed. Definitely a thickening up and I like the hairline so far! Congrats man
  2. Hi chevenowner1, there's definitely a slight thickening. Are you happy with the progress? Could you take a picture of your donor area too next time you post? Happy growing!
  3. Thanks for the updates! What number blade have you been recommended to cut your hair with?
  4. Hi there, there are a couple of reviews recently. Chevenowner1 wrote a comprehensive account of his experience.
  5. I just meant that I doubt many people could tell you had a surgical procedure done because of the absence of redness. It looks very neat so far, particularly the hairline. You know this already but the density is just a waiting game! Happy growing!
  6. Hi chevenowner1, thanks for keeping us updated. You were very lucky in terms of the lack of redness on your scalp. Could many/any people tell you had surgery?
  7. Hi Marky, firstly I wish you all the very best with your upcoming surgery. I definitely had a different experience to you regarding communication which means they've improved, so that's a positive thing. I am a fan of Dr yaman and especially his hairline construction. The one area I've read negative reports about is the density of the transplant by two members on here and another on an Italian hairloss forum. I'll definitely be looking out for your thread, best of luck again!!! *Edit* apologies, I meant to ask how many grafts you've been quoted.
  8. I've been mailing asmed office and they advised that they provide a hat? So this isn't the case?
  9. Hi Steve, great thread and some very interesting food for thought. I'm personally considering fue because 1) I look better with a head of hair. 2) I'm waiting the last 3 years for a miracle solution but it always seems to be another 5 years off. It's the best solution that's available to me now. 3) It's extremely easy to say just get on with it. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that you could apply that mantra to practically anyone. Why brush your teeth when they will eventually fall out, why use make up when you'll even be seen without it? 4) The point about what did people do without it before doesn't really hold any water imo. What did people do before cars or open heart surgery or the internet...It's progress and I personally see fue as progress. I must say the surgeons that I've corresponded with have been nothing but open, honest and transparent. You seem extremely comfortable as a norwood 3 and that is commendable. I'm not so comfortable as a nowood5/6 and obsessive in my research. The points you raised are thought provoking and informative so thank you for that.
  10. Hi chevenowner, I've been following your thread alright with interest. You've answered the question I had, so many thanks. Happy growing!
  11. Very nice result! I am a fan of your hairlines. Can i ask if your clinic offers a guarantee with surgery? Could you express in a percentage regarding how much of the transplanted hair you can guarantee?
  12. Hi there, I haven't seen great results at all from ailsbury clinic. That's also a great tip that they charge by hair not graft. I've also contacted hrbr in Dublin but their prices were extortionate. I'd be slightly wary of one of the doctors recommended here as a quick Google brings up articles of a concerning nature. Would you consider Dr bisanga in Belgium or Dr koray in Turkey?