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  1. Best of luck with your results. Postop looks very clean. I'm sure you'll have some good results.
  2. Looks good Paddy. I had HT next week at Eugenix but unfortunately due to the corona virus India has suspended all Visas into the country :(. I had to postpone my HT until May. Glad to hear they continue to follow up on your progress.
  3. I think you should take finasteride. Hardly anyone experiences the side effects its a very small percentage. See this video about it. I'm not a doctor ! but I know a lot of friends and some family on finasteride including me with no side effects at all. This pill has proven results.
  4. Hey @ag120 was wondering how your progress is going so far ? Hope you are doing well. Please update with pics
  5. I should of read the entire thread sorry ! Just saw the below in your opening thread ! These in-person appointments are excellent opportunities for any individual seeking first-hand knowledge about hair transplantation. Reserve an appointment by emailing info@eugenix.in or WhatsApp: +91- 8826473333 to contact the Eugenix Hair Sciences patient care staff.
  6. I'm sorry to say this but if you are young then you will continue to bald. You will need to look at your family history to figure out how bad it will get and figure out how much Donor hair you may have to donate. Also you will need a doctor to closely examine your donor area with zoom lenses to get an idea of your total donor count. However lucky for you there are great doctors out there that transplant beard hair with great results for example Dr. Arika Bansal. So also consider your beard as a good donor source.
  7. I would recommend waiting until a year once you have whats considered full results. However If I was to do PRP I would wait 5 months post surgery but only to the donor areas and NONE transplanted areas of my scalp. Since PRP helps with clearing scaring on skin and promotes hair growth. After a year then I'll consider the transplanted areas. My PRP of choice would be A-Cell. However it would be best if you consult with your hair transplant surgeon.
  8. I would like to attend the New Jersey event. Can you provide the date and time of his visit to New Jersey and where I can go to register for this event ? Thanks !
  9. Do not get HT at this age. I recommend you take the Meds (finasteride, Menox), Vitamins for skin to slow down your hair loss PRP may even work for you. Use keratin fibers e.g toppix. that will help hide the patches you currently have. After some years I say 35+ reconsider getting HT. Also you need to get an approximate idea of how bad your baldness will get. look at your family history in regards to balding patterns is your Dad, Grand father, Older Brothers, Uncles 3 - 6, or 7 norwoods?
  10. Very impressive. Hairline looks so natural it definitely has that eugenix touch on it ! Congrats to the patient and the signature work by @ArikaBansal and the team @Eugenix Hair Science. --JP--