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  1. Hi, I got my HT done from India's clinic. I ran out of finasteride tablets, was thinking to go for follow up and get more when I go to india , but due to covid I think I do not want to travel. I am in the US. Finasteride is a prescription drug, my PCP won'r prescribe me. Any way I can get finasteride in the USA without prescription? Or can I use a medicine courier service who can ship? I used fedex for courier, but shipment got returned by fedex saying this medicine can't leave india and delivered in USA. Help needed.
  2. i have my prescription finasteride medicines coming in from India, and for US customs Fedex is asking the type of the tablets? Anyone knows the tablet type?
  3. I suffered the same after my HT, it's 2 and a half months now for myself, But I'm not sure if in my case it's shock loss or over harvesting. I confirm best bet is to wait and not panic. You can check my pictures here, your loss site is almost same as mine. However, mine looks like more loss at donor site than your's.
  4. Hello I did my FUE HT 2 months back from Turkety, Now I have been seeing a lot of hair fall and stick to my fingers after minoxidil topical solution application (I apply 5% once a day night application). Before Transplant I had Diffused hair loss and Norwood 6. The kind of hair which fall I see are two different types. 1) Normal hair (Looks like to be my native hair) 2) Thick hair at bottom (Can be transplanted hair) On an average at least 50-60 hair I see on my finger tips after minoxidil application, I also see hair loss after hair wash. I am kinda confused, what
  5. @JohnCasper @lovinitl9 @Abi28 Thanks for your responses. I am being patient and waiting for the next 3-4 month. I had few other questions If you folks can help me on that 1) Would you recommend PRP injections for fast hair regrowth ? Or is it just a myth that PRP helps? 2) Would you recommend Head full head massage for blood circulation or any other advantages? 3) Should I apply minoxidil to the donor hair loss site? I use the 5% minoxidil once at night application as recommended by my clinic. Any other tips/suggestions/recommendations to regrow hair at shock loss s
  6. Hi everyone, I got my hair transplant(FUE method with a surgeon) like 50 + days back. Around 4000 grafts. Earlier I was Norwood 6. I started seeing shock loss on my recipient and donor area. Few questions. 1) Donor area skin is peeling off, is it normal? 2) How bad does the donor area shock loss look like? Is it permanent or temporary? 3) How bad does the recipient area shock loss look like? Is it permanent or temporary? Please refer screenshots below for reference. (Do let me know if you need more info) Donor area, shock loss happened on 15th day
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