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  1. No one here is arguing that the skill of the clinic shouldn’t be the first consideration..
  2. Another reply completely not true. My results are the norm from the research I completed of the clinic I went to in Turkey. I did not get lucky. Your characterization of all clinics in Turkey is not accurate. Please stop spreading misinformation. Thanks!
  3. I remember the price of my low cost HT, because I was able to put a down payment on a house as well 😉
  4. We can agree to disagree and that’s totally fine! Turkey probably has the most botched hair transplants out of any location, but it’s my opinion that there are a few great clinics that consistently do a great job. I also think that Turkey can provide an avenue for those who are not wealthy to get a great transplant at a lower cost provided they do their research. There’s many guys out there that would much rather put a down payment on a house or car or emergency fund then to spend all that cash on a hair transplant. I was able to afford a down payment on a house due to going to Turkey and I’m so glad I did. It would be a great for this forum to consider the great clinics that are there rather then to cast them all aside but that’s just my opinion
  5. Melvin has repeatedly said that he would not advise anyone to go to Turkey for a hair transplant. He has written off the whole country. I have said there are reputable clinics there that get great results at a much lower cost. Cost should not be the only factor, of course I agree.
  6. Dude thank you! Anyone who writes off a clinic just based on the country it’s in, to me is a biased source.
  7. That’s just not true. There are thousands of guys that get a quality hair transplant at a lower cost clinic. It would be interesting to see what the percentage rate of unsuccessful (can be subjective) hair transplants between lower cost compared to higher cost. The lower cost clinics typically perform 2x, 3x, 4x’s more surgeries than the higher cost. Consequently, there will be a higher number of failed transplants in lower cost clinics due to the sheer number of surgeries they perform. The percentage rate is what is important.
  8. The fact that you equate getting a HT to buying a car is one of the most elitist and hopefully soon to be outdated mindsets. It’s an accessibility issue. You’re mindset is not accessible to the average person. I’m so happy I did my research and went to a reputable clinic in Turkey and being 6 months in, beyond ecstatic with my results and I don’t have to worry about my hair anymore. Did I take a risk. Yes. You only live once and I’m not going to be 20k in debt for hair.
  9. Do your research! Supply and demand drives the cost in Turkey. Go to a reputable clinic there if you do choose Turkey. The idea that a HT should set someone back 20k or more should be seen as something of the past. The mystique and novelty of it should wear off to where the surgery becomes more common and not just for those who are wealthy. Gone should be the day where clinics gouge patient’s pocketbooks because they can playing on their insecurities. I stopped visiting these boards mainly because I felt I could get better information elsewhere, felt it was biased towards the clinics it panders to, and I could see way more real life cases that poured in daily and I could follow their progress.
  10. I went to Cinik in Istanbul and very pleased after 6 months. You won’t find any place without good and bad reviews. Cinik was a bit of a hairmill but they run the surgery like clockwork so perhaps ‘hairmill’ can not always be viewed as a negative. Paid about 3k (lodging included) and would of paid 5 times as much if I stayed local. Good luck!
  11. No one is going to pay 10k+ for hair transplant surgery in Turkey. It's supply/demand that rates the cost of surgery there and with hundreds of clinics competing for business, it drives the cost down. For many, we all think the higher cost something is, the better it is. That is not always the case. Fortunately, these lower cost clinics in Turkey provide an effective result to those who don't have disposable income. No longer are these procedures just for the rich. There ARE great clinics (more than a handful) that provide excellent results time after time in Turkey at a fraction of the cost. The best research is to look at unbiased patient reviews on this site and multiple other forums.
  12. I’m not here to defend Turkey, but like I said there are wonderful clinics there that put out consistent work. To just write off a whole country from a sample size of 2 people seems a bit extreme.
  13. From all the research I’ve done the past several years, there are amazing results coming out of Turkey for a fraction of the cost. There are bad clinics there and good clinics there. For 18k the poster got this result from a ‘renowned clinic’. Results should dictate whether a surgeon is renowned, not the price of the surgery or through previous reputation. I do know that some people complain of how many patients are processed through each day at some of these Turkey clinics, but I don’t know about you, but the more I do something the better I get...