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  1. No one is going to pay 10k+ for hair transplant surgery in Turkey. It's supply/demand that rates the cost of surgery there and with hundreds of clinics competing for business, it drives the cost down. For many, we all think the higher cost something is, the better it is. That is not always the case. Fortunately, these lower cost clinics in Turkey provide an effective result to those who don't have disposable income. No longer are these procedures just for the rich. There ARE great clinics (more than a handful) that provide excellent results time after time in Turkey at a fraction of the cost. The best research is to look at unbiased patient reviews on this site and multiple other forums.
  2. I’m not here to defend Turkey, but like I said there are wonderful clinics there that put out consistent work. To just write off a whole country from a sample size of 2 people seems a bit extreme.
  3. From all the research I’ve done the past several years, there are amazing results coming out of Turkey for a fraction of the cost. There are bad clinics there and good clinics there. For 18k the poster got this result from a ‘renowned clinic’. Results should dictate whether a surgeon is renowned, not the price of the surgery or through previous reputation. I do know that some people complain of how many patients are processed through each day at some of these Turkey clinics, but I don’t know about you, but the more I do something the better I get...
  4. In regards to laser, does it provide cosmetic results? And, in some extent in regards to Fin and Minoxidil does it provide satisfactory cosmetic results? Sure, they are proven to retain the hair that you have or in some cases help to regrow some hair, but is it a satisfactory ‘cosmetic’ result? For majority, no. When someone says, but there’s an actual increase in hair or small improvement that can be seen through scope my reaction is always who cares if you can’t really see it! Being bald is not a disease. We are not here because we are sick. We are here because we want satisfactory cosmetic results and I’ve yet to see medication or laser to provide that. The only thing I’ve seen to provide that is a transplant, aside from wearing a hairpiece. So more power to those who undergo laser treatment for years upon years for an inferior result to that of a transplant. I think this poster is on to the right idea of transplant in combination with smp.
  5. I wanted to ask a question in regards to this site’s transparency. I’ve read reports from patients from multiple forums/social media/reddit/YouTube where they have posted negative results from recommended clinics/Dr’s here, and their posts have been deleted. I understand there is the presence of fake negative reviews, and that all needs to be monitored. But, is there a vested interest for this site to ‘protect’ recommended doctors? It seems it would be beneficial for this board to allow as much transparency as possible. I wanted to see what factors go into play for the moderators to delete a post?
  6. I’m confused on this response. His concern was from the very beginning right after the transplant where there was an obvious gap in the implanted areas that continue to be noticeable to month 5. How will hair grow if no grafts were densely enough implanted there?
  7. Ok. Thank you for the response. They have a huge social media presence with Instagram and Facebook showing before/after and there’s countless positive reviews that appear to be legit. I’ve also ‘stalked’ quite a few people on Instagram following along on their progress and it seems time after time they get positive results with great density. I was seeing if anyone here has had experience with them. You would think with Turkey having the highest concentration of hair clinics in the world, the competition between the clinics would create quality work.
  8. I’ve been lurking a bit and will most likely get a transplant soon. After some research, it seems some of the best results come out of Turkey. (As well as most economical) Has anyone had any experience with Hair of Instanbul? They seem like they get wonderful results but I haven’t seen them mentioned here.