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  1. Just had the surgery done about 4 days ago. He is a newer doc and was local to me. I like what he had to say so I went with it because he had an opening and the timing was right. Only time will tell if it turns out the way I was hoping. I understand it was a risky move based on what other well respected forum members said. Charged 4.50 a graft. Used the Artas Robot to harvest most of the hair. Day of surgery pics. The back of the head is during surgery.
  2. Thanks Egy. Totally makes sense. Their page is amazing with the facility and all, but I totally get ya. Definitely need more than just flashy pics. Thanks.
  3. What's everyone thoughts on Hair of Instanbul? Their Instagram page is amazing.
  4. Here is a pic of my donor area. Just had a haircut a couple days ago. Size 1 clipper on the sides. Also added a pic of the crown.
  5. This is one of his recent cases from his Facebook page. I feel like it looks good, but just lacking a little more density.
  6. Lasercap, I will ask who he trained with/fellowship and go from there.
  7. Will be doing FUE. My dad is pretty bald. Very similar to how my hair is going. My older brother has good hair but is starting to thin out lately. He is 38.
  8. Convenience is definitely nice. I’ve seen cases on his iPad that are still 6-8 months post op. Look good overall. Nothing mind blowing. 2 of my friends have gotten it done by him and they look acceptable. Ultimately I’m looking for density/natural.
  9. Thanks for the input. His name is Dr. Joshua Crose. He is right outside of Sacramento, Ca. About 10 minutes from my house. He will be sprinkling in hairs to help blend the 2 areas. He seems fairly knowledgeable, but he has only been doing hair transplants for about a year. I was also looking for more grafts based on what I hear most people get here.
  10. I am 36 and only use Rogaine. My hair loss started in my early 20’s. Progressed fairly slowly. The Doc drew in a proposed hairline and thought about 1800 grafts should be enough. He was mainly going to focus on the front only. He was looking to get about 35-45 cm2. I am balding at the crown as well and could use some decent amount of grafts there. He recommended doing PRP injections during surgery or a few weeks later. Can’t quite remember that part. He also mentioned the use of exosomes down the road for the hairs that are becoming weak/thin. What are your thoughts about the hairline design and the amount of grafts.
  11. Thank you for the replies. Helps me understand it more.