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  1. Great to read your post, like me you have had many procedures. From your earlier ones now that a lot of time has passed did you notice if any of the implanted hairs (that are supposed to be permanent) fell out over time? Or did your natural hair receed further to warrant the need for further procedures? A couple of my procedures from over 10 years ago were quite successful at repairing my hairline at the time, but less than a decade later a lot of the implanted hairs had vanished. After my most recent procedure I have great hairline again, but I do worry for the future... Please keep updating looking forward to seeing how this turns out
  2. No problem! I remember the worry early on, patience is key If you do a blog or post anything let me know and I'll check it out.
  3. Yes I think the photos do mostly reflect reality, and I've taken some with my hair parted so you can see where it is weak, though I have noticed when out in the sun it can shine straight through and expose weak areas too. I think at month 9 it was close to the final result and since then it has just thickened up a bit more on top. Feel free to link me to your collage when done, would love to see!
  4. So 1 year ago today I had my procedure and here are what will probably be my final results! I've taken photos showing my hair in the best possible conditions as well as the worst, as it's the styling which is key to covering the areas which are still thin. I've also grown my hair a little longer at the sides to see how the temporal points look with a bit of growth, and they are definitely different to the native hair. Also I've put together a month by month comparison, I look back at some of the earlier months now and almost forget just how bad my hair used to be! As I've said before I'm absolutely thrilled with my results, and although they are not perfect I had very realistic expectations with how thin my hair was and after my previous experiences. This will be my last regular update as I don't think things will change much more from now? However I may post some more photos when I choose to get my hair cut shorter to see if it still looks as good with less hair to cover the thin areas? Also I'm very interested in the results of procedures over a much longer period of time and whether results really are permanent? Because I know I lost a lot of the transplanted hairs I originally obtained from my earlier procedures over the space of a decade, so it will be interesting to see if the skills of my latest surgeon have a greater longevity than the last? Thank you everyone for your comments and following my story
  5. Thank you, it was head and body hair combined, all detailed in earlier posts in this thread.
  6. If you mean how does my scalp feel then for the first few months it is still a little numb, but after that it feels completely back to normal
  7. Thank you Steeeve, yes as much as showing off how great it looks, I also want to give an honest account and show the weaknesses too. Whilst it is still thin in places I can still style it fairly easily to cover these. For years and years I wouldn't go outside without fibres and now I haven't used them in months so it's been absolutely life changing! Though on the flipside of that I have noticed if it's a sunny day the light does shine through the hairline and expose that it's not as thick as it may appear to be. It's only in recent months I've become aware that scar tissue from previous procedures can affect the results. As per previous procedures I was expecting the final result to be near enough after 12 months, though apparently the crown can take longer than this? Honestly if what I have now is my final result I will be thrilled, but if there's more to come within the next few months then fantastic! Grafts placed in my FUT scarring was done in my third procedure in 2017 and from what I could tell they filled the scar itself all over, though there is an area that didn't grow so well and I can also notice some of the implanted hairs in the scar grow in different directions to the native hairs. I think I am just one of the lucky ones with my scar not being too noticeable, but when I do shave the sides and back I am always careful not to go too high or it would definitely be noticeable! Thanks again, I think when I told Dr Cinik about my 3 previous procedures which were mostly unsuccessful he thought he would be the one to show how good he is and to show me what a good procedure is, he really couldn't have done more for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone!
  8. Thank you, I can't see too much difference between this month's photos and last, but I can notice a real difference in all over thickness lately
  9. This is obviously a big concern for anyone undergoing procedures, but I can't seem to find much information about it anywhere? Maybe people are just afraid to talk about it or don't want to?
  10. Thank you, I've kept my hair longer around where the FUT scarring is to help mask it, also I did have some grafts put there in my procedure before this one. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has had multiple procedures! I found that over the space of about 10 years my transplanted hairs from my first two procedures were falling out and getting thinner (these are supposed to be permanent as they say hairs from the side and back of your head are DHT resistant even in the new areas), have you experienced the same problem? I chose the exclusive package which I think is the middle priced one with Dr Cinik doing my incisions, it was done within a day though it was a very long day! I would fully recommend Dr Cinik, I've seen consistently good results from him and I'm absolutely thrilled with my own
  11. Sure here is a photo of the back of my head, I don't think it looks too bad considering I've had two FUE and two FUT procedures on it? Also there is a post earlier in this thread where I uploaded some photos of under my chin when I didn't have the beard
  12. Ten months today and here's the update! Also as I'm currently sporting a lockdown beard I thought I'd include a photo of under my chin so you can see how it grows after having grafts harvested, there are some thinner areas but I don't think it's very noticeable?
  13. Up to 9 months now and progress is much the same, my hairline is great and masks the thinner areas on top. Now I'm growing the sides a little it is definitely apparent that the left temporal point is coming through thicker than the native hairs which make it look a bit odd? Also again as you can see comparing photos if I style my hair to cover the thin areas it looks great, but if the thin areas are exposed it doesn't look so good.
  14. Hope you're all doing okay in these tough times? Today is 8 months since my op and here are the photos. I've only taken a couple with the flash on this time as I think these can be quite misleading and make my hair look denser than it actually is. There is quite a difference between whether I style my hair to cover the thin parts on top and if I part my hair to expose them (see the last two photos). I think the most important part is the hairline which is coming through really well now and because this part is so dense it helps keep the rest of the thinness on top hidden. I am still hoping for the thin areas to improve over the next few months, however if this were to be my final result I would still absolutely be over the moon!